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  1. Ok, did a test charge this weekend in the cold - ambient a ball hair above freezing with high winds. Managed a consistent 45kW (from a 50 kW machine). Battery temp started at about 14 Deg C and peaked at 30 Deg C at the end. Took the vehicle from about 20% to 83 % SoC in a smidge less than 25 mins. Think I'll do another test at a higher powered unit next weekend (if I can find one that isn't Electrify Canada). Looks like my previous experience may have been down to the DCFC unit and not a cold battery.
  2. The 25 deg C was a number that was reported on a forum. On the day I did my charge, ambient temps were around freezing and the battery was cold soaked before driving. I don't have exact temp data because I didn't have my OBD scanner with me, but based on similar drives at ambient similar temps, I estimate my battery would have been about 10 deg C when I charged it. Once things warm up, I'll see if I can do some testing and find the break point.
  3. I've noticed that my 28 kWh IONIQ will throttle DCFC charging speeds unless the battery is warm (>25 Deg C). Did a charge the other day and only managed 37 kW right up to 80%. If the App is working out charging duration based on a warm battery when it's cold outside, it will under estimate by about half. Apart from spending more time stationary, it's also a problem when estimating cost for those networks (Electrify America/Canada) that charge by time and not the amount of energy delivered. The 38 kWh IONIQ is less severely affected by the cold since it never charges at more than 45 kW anyway.
  4. I think that you can easily achieve something similar by reducing your % arrival and % leave limits.
  5. Thank for the clarification. The work around makes sense. However, those regs should to be changed if you ask me.
  6. I can't understand why they don't just charge for the energy used, ie $/kWh, which is similar to $/gal. Why is it so complicated and expensive. I understand that they don't want people to hog a spot once charging is complete but a simple "standby" fee after say 5 mins, once charging stops would solve that. Locally we pay $/kWh and it seems to work well.
  7. Ou Boet

    Connecting Torque

    @VJW, thanks for the response. After some Googling I came to that solution by myself. But it's reassuring to hear it from an other owner. OB
  8. Ou Boet

    Connecting Torque

    Shidar Quick question for you. Where/how are you plugging in your OBD scanner? On my IONIQ it looks like the connector is under a plastic cover. However, with an OBD scanner connected, it doesn't look like the cover will go back on. Is there a trick or do you just have a super small scanner? Cheers OB
  9. I note that this only seems to be a problem when using ABRP on a full computer and browser. It's truncated and sized when I use ABRP on my mobile.
  10. Description: Once a route is planned, the route table can obscure a large portion of the screen/map if charge station labels are very long, making it difficult to review the proposed route. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e8929af0-1c4c-497b-9f25-251ca8e3c84f It would be nice to be able to resize the table on the fly or at least set a limit on the column width.
  11. Welcome and congrats on your purchase. Sounds like a fantastic ride trip you have coming up. Enjoy.
  12. Yes, I experienced this problem too on a recent out-and-back trip I did. While it felt great to watch my car miraculously gain SoC in the details view while driving, those "alternates facts" were definitely not true and I certainly didn't arrive home with 100% SoC as the indicated 😄. It would be great if a solution to this problem could be implemented. OB
  13. Ou Boet

    Non-Existent Chargers

    Is it possibly a charger that's planned but has not yet been installed. I say that because I notice that some charger apps get that wrong once in a while.
  14. Where are you from? Langley (near Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada What car do you drive? 2018 IONIQ Electric SE (with CCP) (Since 16 Feb 2018) What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Just under 300 km Absolutely love my IONIQ. It drives like a dream and is exactly what I was looking for (and need) at the moment. Still can't believe that in my first year I drove 35,000 km and it only cost me $650 "fuel" and service.

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