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  1. We’re trying to plan a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway starting at the north end in our M3 AWD LR. I’ve lots of data about chargers from ABRP, ChargePoint and TESLA. Challenge is: How do I request a route along the BRP? When I go point to point, I don’t necessarily get routed on the BRP. Got a bunch of very good AAA paper maps today (AAA online is no help. Nor are the two BRP apps) and am considering plotting point to point using their reference points. Any thoughts, suggestions, help will be appreciated.
  2. Oh, wow. Very cool. I’ll give it a try.
  3. Made a four day road trip from the Hartford area to Montréal via I-87 in NY. Stayed a couple nights and returned via Burlington, VT where we stayed another night. I-91 south and back home to Hartford on Day Four. Made 5 charging stops, two in NY, one in Montréal, and two in VT. Total coast according to TESLA charges was $27.93. Used ABRP for overall navigation and charge planning but punched each leg into TESLA’s nav system while encounters. The Tesla system is good for point to point but lousy for route planning. Thank you ABRP.
  4. Hey, thanks. Reassuring. I’m going to try the 110V plug and just let her sit tight. Read about a guy who left his 3 in a garage in Maine over the winter. It was on the charger the whole time. When he broke it out in the spring, he just got I;and rove away. 110V May be slow, but fir two weeks away to keep the car at 50% should work. Thanks again.
  5. Just took a nap and woke up with an idea. Maybe I'll take the 110v plug with me and set up the M3 with it for 155 mile range limit. Thoughts?
  6. I drive an AWD M3 with 310 mile range. At the end of the month, I'll be traveling out of the country for a couple weeks. I leave from a friend's house three hours away from home. She doesn't have a NEMA 1450 plug although there are plenty of J1772 outlets in her town. My plan is to top up at a supercharger 30 miles away from her house so the battery will have about 90% when I leave. So, I need some advice: 1) How much phantom drain can I expect in two weeks? 2) Should I charge to 90% or just to my usual 155 miles of range? 3) I'll be able to track the status of my charge while I'm away on my iPhone which is good. Should I teach my friend about operating the M3 and ask her to charge it at some point? 4) What other questions or considerations should I be thinking about?
  7. Although I’ve been somewhat winter bound here in Connecticut, I keep creating road trips I want to take. SUGGESTION: How about an way easy way (maybe a default setting) to I nsert my home address / usual starting point? Just say’in...
  8. That would be great. The current browser is terrible and terribly slow. Be nice to see what comes along next.
  9. On the Landing Page, click Browse. The dropdown includes Forum, Planner, Blogs, Staff, On-Line Users, Leaderboard. If I click on "Planner," that's where I go. However, I still need to login to participate in the Forums as a member and be able to post.
  10. A lot of public chargers in the New England area are free. They seem to be a part of local municipalities effort to "be green." Although I have a NEMA 1540 in my garage, I occasionally plug in for an hour or so when I'm at a meeting. Convenient and nice.
  11. Agree. I'd really like the map direction for the direction of the car. Thanks for this.Agree. I'd really like the map direction for the direction of the car. Thanks for this.
  12. Thanks. Got it. Wish the sign in for ABRP was up at the top. Oh well, I can manage for now.
  13. Love ABRP but would like to know how to save a route so that I can find it again the next time I use the program. Yes, it saves but then if I shut down my computer or iPad and then go back to look for the route, it says I have no saved plans. Is there a logon that can identify me with my plans?
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