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  1. Sounds good. I have an Enyaq and would be happy to try and get OBD dongle like Waldmensch, but currently run with Tronity which I think will be popular with MEB cars so will be good for testing. Work in s/w engineering/integration so know plenty about how things hang together so can hopefully provide you a good perspective, especially from the UK.
  2. @Jason-ABRP do you do any beta testing via TestFlight? If you do, then do you let users sign up to try out the betas? I can see it being handy to get logs etc from the device when things are not behaving.
  3. @Jason-ABRP are you able to confirm this? Also don’t get it in our Enyaq and would have expected it. Is it on the backlog somewhere? Also notice that the app can freeze and not update the map but not had time to work out what’s doing it. Think it may be when you try to use the phone for something else while on CarPlay.
  4. Thanks @Samuel-ABRP, would be good to know if it’s possible and get it on a backlog somewhere if it is. Hopefully more and more cars will come with second screens and HUDs so should be a worthwhile investment ?
  5. @Jason-ABRP@Samuel-ABRP I've just seen from another Enyaq driver that the Android version of ABRP does do directions on the second screen and HUD. Just wondering what API that is using and do you get access to similar in iOS or is this a pipe dream (i.e. its an Apple private API that only Maps can use)? They seem to advertise it as a feature at WWDC but the details all seem to be behind the MFi program which of course is not public. There are quite a few Enyaq owners that are also iPhone owners that would love to see this, sure there are also ID3,4,5, Cupra Born, and BMW owners that it would work for too assuming they all use the same CarPlay APIs?
  6. Added to upvoty https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/request-a-feature/carplay-add-second-screen-hud-support
  7. Second this, the ENYAQ being on the MEB platform also supports this, and I suspect ID.4, Cupra Born, Audi Q4 e-tron. Also I think BMW cars support it for their binnacle and HUD too, so should apply to plenty of cars. This has made Apple Maps my go-to routing now, the second screen (binnacle) and HUD support is awesome.
  8. I would say they'd want something more robust but actually depending on the expected traffic, calling the web status map may be easier than trying to use a proper API as they could just tell you to go for it!
  9. @Samuel-ABRP just checked BP Pulse and doesn't appear to get the live status (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=15999501). Most likely on a different system in the UK?
  10. Second this, would be great to see it in GBP even if its just a rough calculation.
  11. @Samuel-ABRP have you had any contact from MFG? I see they have live status in WattsUp app so they clearly can integrate. Your route planning is wiping the floor with other maps, especially with Tronity integration so keen to get the UK providers live status as good as we can ?
  12. Awesome news. GridServe have taken over the chargers on nearly all the UK motorway service stations and have big plans to expand so will definitely be a big win to have them onboard. They will be the chargers that people will use the most and will have the most congestion. I will check out the other chargers and keep Tweeting other network providers to keep you guys busy ?
  13. This is the console from Chrome if its any help
  14. ABRP on app and website have both started to give me a white screen and then crash. Have I managed to corrupt something or has the backend got an issue?
  15. Don't know if you guys are beavering away in the background but things appear to be working well for Instavolt. Took literally a day or so for this new charger to show up, awesome! Osprey also no longer showing as via PlugSurfing, dont know if you changed anything there. Any updates on GridServe? I hit them up on Twitter and they gave it a like so hopefully they are working with you. PodPoint have also said they will pass it onto their team but wouldn't hold my breath. Finally our EV is arriving so I can test this all in anger ?
  16. No but if ABRP cuts out the middle man like PUMP did then doesn't matter as it would be direct integration. I can see this puts ABRP between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand they could start to integrate with cars that have online portals (as PUMP has done) but then they'll have a growing code base and processing power dedicated purely to fetching, parsing and updating car states. As it stands, (I believe) they have an API that 3rd parties can signal to update, but that allows 3rd parties to deliver it in the exact format the ABRP needs, simplifying it massively. But this generally means you need some 'glue' to get your status from the car to ABRP which generally means another subscription or device to buy. Honestly don't know the best answer. The ideal for me (about to take delivery of a Skoda Enyaq) is that ABRP can connect direct to VWG and get the status of VWG cars, cutting out Tronity as a middle man that is currently required. But then where do they stop adding new manufacturers and cars? A cheap device that allows connection to either cellular or BLE would probably be the ideal middle ground? Might only cost a few months or a year of subs on some other service but means ABRP only have to deal with limited numbers of integrations.
  17. Looks like InstaVolt is now giving live status - good work! Osprey is reporting via PlugSurfing, is that live updates? Would it be better to go direct to Osprey? Happy too give them a nudge ?
  18. Second this. Would love to see it directly integrated into ABRP. Have an Enyaq en route so will have use for it shortly ?
  19. @Katya-ABRP how do we know what integration a charge network is using? I see some like Instavolt are not available to edit, so assume you have some other integration rather than a public data (e.g. OpenChargeMap). More than happy to try and drum up some integrations with the UK providers, should we just direct them to contact@abetterrouteplanner.com or tweet @RouteBetter? Can you let me know which of the below you don't have integration with? The below seem to have live updates on other services, so should be possible Gridserve - found on UK motorway service stations, have announced they would be open to integration with others Instavolt - good and expanding network in the UK Osprey - generally known as a rock solid network in the UK MFG - up and coming, installing good charger stations in the UK BP Pulse They would be a good list of main contenders to get integrated, Gridserve and Instavolt appear to be the most popular in the UK.
  20. @Samuel-ABRP did you get GridServe added properly? I can see some listed now where it doesn't give you the option to edit them, presumably as they've been pulled in properly now? That's awesome if they have - good work! Not being negative but looks like they don't have live status like you can get in Zap-Map (yet)?
  21. @BarryH any ideas which OBD dongles will work with iPhone? I seem to remember reading something about it needing to be BLE? Got an Enyaq on the way and looking possibly at using Tronity but a subs free way would be ideal as we wont need it all that much (most driving will be from the door, back to the door without the need for a charge).
  22. @Samuel-ABRP sorry but found another duplicate, one listed by Swarco and duplicated on Open Charge Map - likely to be different providers but actually the same chargers? Also been tidying up the Electric Highway/Ecotricity details on GoingElectric and can see them updating in ABRP ?
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