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  1. @Samuel-ABRP did you get GridServe added properly? I can see some listed now where it doesn't give you the option to edit them, presumably as they've been pulled in properly now? That's awesome if they have - good work! Not being negative but looks like they don't have live status like you can get in Zap-Map (yet)?
  2. @BarryH any ideas which OBD dongles will work with iPhone? I seem to remember reading something about it needing to be BLE? Got an Enyaq on the way and looking possibly at using Tronity but a subs free way would be ideal as we wont need it all that much (most driving will be from the door, back to the door without the need for a charge).
  3. @Samuel-ABRP sorry but found another duplicate, one listed by Swarco and duplicated on Open Charge Map - likely to be different providers but actually the same chargers? Also been tidying up the Electric Highway/Ecotricity details on GoingElectric and can see them updating in ABRP 😀
  4. Gridserve suggest they are open to it according to Twitter.
  5. Hi Samuel, Your work has fixed it and I can see it listed properly now. I think there are a few other EH chargers listed as 120kW on GoingElectric so I will get them updated and let you know if any are showing twice on ABRP. Gridserve have recently announced they are integrated with zap-map to show locations and charger statuses. Is this something ABRP have planned (or could plan)? You guys already have better routing than Zap-Map so would be great if you can get the same kind of automation/integration with Gridserve and other CPOs in the UK. Keep up the good work!
  6. Prepping for the arrival of our Enyaq, and been looking into ABRP and noticed there are some duplicate chargers listed. I was wondering how the chargers are matched from different sources to 'de-dupe' them? Example - Sandbach below - listed on Going Electric and Open Charge Map I am happy to edit either/both of them so that they will match up as the same one and only list once. I ask as the charging speeds are wrong and should be 60kW, so want to edit them so ABRP suggest the right chargers. Also if they have conflicting information, how does ABRP decide which to use? Say one reports them as 120kW and the other at 60kW, how does it decide which to use? TIA, Chris
  7. Sorry to dig up an old post, but what does it mean when it has been 'added'? What features/optimisations do you get when selecting a specific car? Do we get specific charging curves for example? We have an Enyaq inbound (~mid-November) and will of course be using ABRP with it!
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