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  1. Sry, I don't see an option for editing: My current SoC (via EVNOTIFY) is higher than the planned SoC.
  2. Hello, I changed from Tronity to EVnotify(with OBD Dongle) to get live data. That part works - ABRP is getting live Data. Yesterday I travelled quite a long difference (700km) with several charging stops. I recognized that the current SoC is different to the planned SoC. So much that one short planned charging was obsolete. And then Inwas supposed to end with 13%SoC but arrived with 27%. I noticed that the average consumption shown in the car differs from the calibrated consumption. It is my first trip using EVnotify. Any ideas for the reason? Thx for your help! Greetings, Gunnar
  3. And this is how it is now...though I switched on using live-data
  4. To be more specific: this is how it used to look in the app
  5. Hello... I'm experiencing some issues with my Kia E Niro and the Live-SoC shown in ABRP: I connected the car via Tronity. ABRP has worked fine so far displaying the Live-SoC with minor differences to the real SoC. In the last days the difference was quite substantial. I reconnected Tronity and ABRP. Now the Live-Soc isn't showing at all. I don't even have a button anymore to switch to Live-SoC. ABRP says that Tronity says the car is sleeping. Does anyone has an idea what is going on? Thx for any help. Gunnar
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