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  1. Hi Katya, Just prior trips, not saved or anything. I might know I went to x city and had a trailer and want to change it after I'm done. ~Tom
  2. I saw that option. I'll use it next time. Is there a way to change historical trips to use a different configuration? In case I forget to select it beforehand...
  3. Hello Sofia, I knew about that trick. I figured out later that the issue was only a display one... I wanted to reset the live calibrated reference consumption (it was 400+ due to driving with a bag on top of my car) and did what I thought would reset it, but it wasn't changed in the display until after I drove for a while, which I wasn't expecting. I was expecting it to change to the non-live amount immediately without needing to drive at all. ~MysticMetal
  4. Description: Resetting reference consumption doesn't do anything Type: Yes, latest on Android and iOS AFAIK. Replication Steps: Get the reference consumption for a car to some non-default value (400+ on a model Y in my case) Go into settings for the car and click reset reference consumption Check reference consumption, see it didn't change. For bonus points, try unlinking and re linking to reset and see it not change
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