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  1. Thanks. (The context is that I drove 3920 mi in 16 days from San Diego to Albany NY, which is perhaps one of the longer cross country Tesla drives.)
  2. About 3920 mi (6309 km) in 16 days. We did several side trips. This is, I think, the longest trip reported here. There are not enough superchargers in the American southwest. We charged on average every 100 mi. The A/C used 10% of the battery per hour. We had to plan around the chargers and sometimes drive out of our way. ABRP was nice. Some useful additions would be: the ability to state that we would drive an extra 30 mi at a stop w/o having to detail the 30 mi of roads. the ability to pick waypoints on the map. the ability to export detailed info about our drives, in addition to the start and end points. We never did figure out how to export the planned route to the car. It was easier to reenter the info to the car.
  3. My Drives lets me select a date and then it displays my route for that date. Is there a way to display my route for several days on one map? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. I'm familiar with the problem of estimating total distance from a set of (possibly noisy) waypoints. I hadn't realized that's how you get the total. I was also guessing a possible problem if the internal addition was done with too few significant digits, and the rounding wasn't done right. This is a known numerical issue when adding a large number of small numbers. I'm confused about you not being able to get the car's milage date, since the spreadsheet also gives odometer readings. Or, are they not what they seem to be? Finally, how do I get the detailed track log? I don't think many people (any people?) have driven what I just did (almost 4000 miles through the US southwest and south in a Tesla) and would like to plot it. Thanks.
  5. The mile calculations are often wrong in the exported activities file. E.g., in the following row, 2014-1018 !=2. The total was a 10% undercount in 98 drives. Thanks. Drive 7/22/2021 12:21 AM 7/22/2021 12:24 AM 2 min 2 xx yy 57% 55% 1018 1024 Tesla
  6. After ABRP has calculated a route, is there a way to forward it to my Tesla Y for it to navigate? Thanks.
  7. Is it possible to add a stop by clicking on the map? The problem is that I'm planning a route in a rural area (around the Arizona - New Mexico border) where there is no place name where I need to add the stop. It's a junction of two roads, themselves possibly unnamed on the map. I need to add the stop in order to enter the route I'll be driving to calculate the energy consumption. Being a remote area, I'd like to get this accurately. Thanks.
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