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  1. Where are you from? Toronto Canada What car do you drive? Audi RS etron GT What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Getting my car "soon" I am looking at ABRP and playing with planning trips (using free right now) and I have a couple of questions. It seems that ABRP is not up to date with charging stations at Electrify Canada. I know that a station should be rated at 350 KW but ABRP only show a 200 KW charger. Also I have noticed that a lot of the chargers have the grey circle around them since ABRP does not know the status. Is this because: ABRP does not know what is happening in Canada because not a lot of people use it? ABRP has not connected to the various providers here so there is not a lot of data? My second question revolves about basic vs premium. I have looked at the features in premium and they look good. However, things like real-time status of charges seems to me would not be accurate because ABRP does not even know if the charger is operational. So would the premium package be worthwhile? So far I really like what the app can do for me, but I am somewhat worried about the above items. Goran
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