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  1. Thank you Sofia and TomTomZoe. That helps.
  2. Questions for paid subscription member So, are there global settings that apply to every plan by default, If so, where set I don't understand "main" menu Then - are there plan settings that override global settings (sometimes?) for each plan) Where set? are they saved with the plan? When setting plan?settings do we click the big blue button or just the back arrow to set the changes? Do settings transfer across devices (Android App, browser log-in on Desktop, browser in Tesla 2021 MY) A manual would be nice! Without understanding this app is a fun plaything but not much use for serious trip planning.
  3. Since I can no longer edit my post. Here are some details: Yes, I am a user with a subscription and I am logged in in each device I use. I assume that my settings are global and apply to each plan across each device I use (while logged in) Here is just one example. 1. Select a saved plan and click Settings 2. Set Starting SOC to 85% ( I would like this to be the settings for all my plans) 3. Set reference consumption to 280 WH/MI 4. Change Extra weight from 120 (set previously and seems to stick) to 200 lbs 5 Set avoid on route to Tolls and click save on that subwindow. 6 Set to Realtime Weather. 7. Click the big blue button (that saves the settings - right? or do I just go back with arrow???) 8. No longer see the settings because I guess the route was created. Click back to see settings 9 Click settings. Seem to be the same. 10 Select the same plan again from saved plans. Click on settings. 11. Departure SOC back to 90%. Avoid Tolls no longer set. Etc Other things do not stick. Not easy to replicate. If I log in on the Tesla Web app, the settings may or may not be what I set in my PC desktop using Chrome. Am I saving settings correctly? I would like to have the same settings on a global basis. I.E. all plans use the same settings. Or, are settings attached to each plan - I.E. each plan has it's own settings? This is all very confusing. Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Yes. Using Chrome on desktop, cookies are allowed. Not sure how to allow in the ABRP app or how to allow cookies in the browser in my Tesla So, are the settings saved in cookies? I thought they were save in the ABRP site since I have a paid subscription. If in cookies that is not good. I plan on my desktop then want to use the saved plan in the Tesla. All very confusing. Sorry for the lack of detail. I tried to edit my post but by the time I finished the forum did not enter the changes. Took too long to type I think. I will try to edit again or just add another reply. .
  5. Description: IF Ichange settigs save, then com back to websit later the changes no loger are there Type: Was this on the Applease note what version), or webpage (which link?) Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Replication I will need to do this on pc Tesla browser is not easy to use Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  6. Description: The ability to edit Arrival SOC, Departure SOC and Departure Time in the Table. Use Case: I would use this on all long trips requiring more than one stop at a supercharger. The current way of editing each charge or way point works fine but does not show the overall plan so it is harder to visualize and plan the whole trip. Editing these parameters in the table would be faster.
  7. Yes, drag a route to a different road/path. As of now we can create a waypoint and the add as a destination but that is the hard way.
  8. It has been marked as avoid this charger. Click on the icon and allow it (a + sign I think). Or you have selected avoid all Tesla super chargers in the general settings Or, I have no clue - that is why ABRP needs a ABRPM (a manual)
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