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  1. Hello, I plan a trip from Antwerp to Honfleur. I added a stop in Etretat, where I intend to charge for 4 hours on a local charger while having a walk. As usual my settings are default 20% Soc and the default route calculates. When I fill in SoC at Etretat at 15%, it doesn't take it into account and the fast charger before the Etretat stop is charging till 89%, arriving at Etretat 30% ? Why ? It is not my default 20% nor the overruled 15% ? Secondly if I fill in that i will charge for 4 hours in Etretat, it just ignores that and offers to charge for 5 minutes instead. How can I plan how i suggest ? normal trip to the end destination, but an in between stop for 4 hours which then optimises the charging before plus also considers the full 4 hours parking to charge ?
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