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  1. Hello I had the integration between EV notify and ABRP already running. But I need to use ID4 model in ABRP instead my car Skoda Enyaq, as ABRP does not give me the option of EV Notify for real time data at the Enyaq. Question 1: why no option for EV Notify with Enyaq? EVN meanwhile supports the Enyaq. Than I deleted the real time data link to EVN in ABRP, because I saw the opportunity to choose the car models during setup process at the first time. I thought I can reconnect and choosing the Enyaq than in the setup process. No only the instruction for EVN appears, when I want to reconnect EVN, but no connection starts. So it broke. Question 2: how do I reset connection either in EVN or ABRP Thanks
  2. Hello Conny Thanks for the work. How is it working? M5Stack Core2 ESP32, connected with 12V in the car and wired to the obd port? How to setup the m5? Automatic power up and down with ignition? Is the information transferred via Bluetooth to the phone or GSM to ABRP online directly? Is there an instruction for all of this for avarage users ;-). Thanks
  3. Hello "Quickest arrival" + "minimum charger stalls" + Charging network preferences (Ionity, Aral, Recharge, Fastned, EnBW, -Allego -E.On) leads to a very good, reliable and stable routing. Well done. Thanks for improving your service.
  4. Hello Thanks for coming back to me. I think it's a feature, not a bug, but it's poorly documented. I used mostly saved routes for my tests. And obviously the charging preferences are stored together with the route. This means the charging preferences is not a global setting, but is stored also as a route specific setup. This should be mentioned somewhere. Even it's only the name of the stored route at the top of the preferences window or something like that. If I change the preferences after loading a route, calculate it and than save and replace the old one, the preferences are stored correctly. So please make the global settings and the stored preferences distinguishable. Maybe storing the preferences specifically to a route doesn't make sense anyways. Thanks
  5. Hello ABRP I have a real problem here! I want to change the preferences and it's not possible. I logged out on all devices, uninstalled the app, deleted cache and data, changed the preferences also in a browser session, nothing helps. Please help. I also left the beta app program. Doesn't help. I'm premium user and can't use the app because it's stuck in the wrong settings. Not funny.
  6. Deleting App Cache and logout and relogin doesn't help.
  7. The settings are stored in my profil online for sure. But the old ones are always coming back after a while. Is it a problem of the red triangle? Do I have to save the preferences somewhere else? Can I use back button or the arrow to the left to leave the preference dialog to get it saved? Saving new preference sets is not working for me. Please fix. Thanks
  8. Video 3: A few minutes later I reopened ABRP again and look to the preferences and I'm back to the old ones from the first video. 20210603_123058_edited.mp4
  9. Video 2: I'm defining a new set of preferences (sorry for mistyping). 20210603_124134_edited.mp4
  10. Video 1: Calculating route with first preference set of charging stations. Look to the EnBw mobility+ setting with the red triangle. After that I delete all preferences. 20210603_124854_edited.mp4
  11. Hello I recognized, that ABRP is planning with fully occupied charging stations. It makes sense to do so at the beginning off the planning as shown, when I have 1h+ to go to reach the charger, ok. But is it already implemented in ABRP, that I get an alternative, if the charger is still occupied, when I'm 5, 10 minutes away? Or even right in time, when another charging station strategy is working out better? Do this feature needs an algorithm of likelihood of availability from historic data to fine tune it? Simply short term solution: Adding a preference for charging locations with more than X charging station, so I can prioritize the ones with more than 4, 6, 8 at one location (also with multiple providers in a range of 500m or so). Thanks
  12. Description: charging network preferences are not saved, when changed. Type: app 4.0.42 Replication Steps: I defined four networks as preferred (Ionity, EnBw, fastned....) I add recharge and aral I calculate a route and aral and recharge are used I reset the routing and calculate a new route. Aral and shell are not used. going to the charging references and all changes are missing, no aral and recharge anymore.
  13. Jojo

    No route calculation

    Yes, it works again, thanks
  14. Jojo

    No route calculation

    The below plan fails; that does not seem to be correct because... App version: 4.0.42 Platform: android User ID: 4132 The latest plan was https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=db1a6939-d9dd-4451-8339-6beec454dff3 I calculated the route very often for test purpose, but since yesterday it doesn't work anymore. Skoda Enyaq iV 80 100% SoC at start Four favourite charging networks Ionity, allego, fastned and EnBw. 15% at chargers and arrival. It should be possible to get a route. Thanks
  15. In addition: I used ABRP with Android Auto today without any real-time connection to the car (Kona). So I have to manually adjusting SOC on the Smartphone. Starting with 90%, I have to click it down to current SOC 44%, which is a pain, because the arrows only reacts with a delay. After reaching 44%, it just shows 75% in Android Auto, button right corner. So it's not synchronizing SOC with the Smartphone. Plan is also not updated, See post above.
  16. Description: When you adjust current SOC manually , plan will be updated accordingly, but not the burn down chart Type: Android App,, plan simulated with test drive mode. Replication Steps: Calculate route, start testdrive mode, after a while change current SOC by arrows down 10 Started driving with 90% in test drive mode, planned arrival at first charger with 47% (graph), 46% plan below. Now I changed the current SOC to 76%, green Dot is moving instantly, but why is 86% moving with the DOT? Either it stays at the blue line as planned SOC or it should be green showing the current SOC. Or now red, because we are off the planning a lot. After a while the number is changing to 75%, the plan below is changing arrival SOC to 36% but the graph isn't changing. The graph should also change accordingly, blue line down to 75%, arrival SOC should show 36%. That's inconsistant in my opinion. Thanks
  17. Hi Guys I tried out AA support yesterday the first time in a Kona. First, ABRP supporting AA is great, but.... maybe you have to rethink the AA concept of ABRP. I think you will struggle and you have to invest a lot of time into the navigation guidance feature, until you will reach a level like Google maps or maybe you will never reach it. Why not concentrate on the charging strategy aspect of ABRP planner and use the "share" feature to Google Maps for navigation? Question 1: Can we have the Share option in AA to send the planned route to Google maps. I have to do it on the smartphone, because in AA there is no button for that. When ABRP is changing the planning during the drive, maybe we can have an autoupdate/share to google maps as well. Question 2: Why I can't see all the planning details (planned charging stops, SOC burndown chart, charging times....) in AA screen? I would rather think of ABRP AA as the EV extension for google maps navigation to be honest. Planning with ABRP, sending initial route to Google Maps for navigation guidance and showing ABRP planning data when switching to ABRP in AA. Maybe we can have some PopUp overlays coming from ABRP with the crucial informations for a charging stop (Time for charge, SoC needed....), so we do not have to change to ABRP too often. Think about it. Thanks
  18. Jojo

    Tesla Login Wackup?

    Hello thanks for the explanation. strangely enough, month ago I used ABRP to find out, if the car is sleeping. In the live data I could always see, when the car was online the last time. Since a few month shortly after opening the live data, the car is always awake. Something has changed. I do not run other services. I will check "always log" Add1: where do I find "anyways log"? Thanks
  19. Jojo

    Tesla Login Wackup?

    Hello ABRP Since a few month, I got the impression, that ABRP is waking up my Tesla whenever i start ABRP. Before that, ABRP does only get data from the car, if it's online anyway, without active Wackup. Did you change the behaviour? I would like to see no Wackup, since this leads to massive battery usage in the car. During simulation of routes, where i don't need active Wackup. Thanks
  20. Jojo

    Tesla Login Wackup?

    Hello ABRP Since a few month, I got the impression, that ABRP is waking up my Tesla whenever i start ABRP. Before that, ABRP does only get data from the car, if it's online anyway, without active Wackup. Did you change the behaviour? I would like to see no Wackup, since this leads to massive battery usage in the car. During simulation of routes, in don't need active Wackup. Thanks
  21. Hello Katya Thanks for coming back to me. I think everything is fine, but we need a more consistant coloring of the graph. Currently: Why is 19% green? Why is the 90% at start in blue is missing? Change: Blue = Plan with start SoC and planned destination SoC Green = Actual If you want to give the user a hint, that he won't gonna make it with starting at 36%, a red doted line could also be shown: If the start SoC is the same as in the planning, there is just a green dot at the beginning of the green line. Like it is today ;-). Thanks Small addition: During a drive, when the actual SoC is off the planning, the actual SoC is shown in red. Maybe in our example the 36% should maybe red to indicate, that its not good to start with this current SoC. Thanks
  22. S-Bahn Ostring, Cheruskerstraße, 90482 Nürnberg to TG Automobile GmbH, August-Herrmann-Straße 2, 67655 Kaiserslautern
  23. Android OS Version 10 App 4.0.30 I think it plans with 90% at start (like configured), but than shows current SoC in the chart. In the first picture, the 17% should be blue (planned with 90% start, blue line) and there should also be a blue 90% written to the top of the blue line. In the second pictures the blue 90% belongs to the blue line at the top and, in addition, we could have the green dot with a green number with the current SoC below. Very confusing.
  24. Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated... Nonsense planning: Blue line? 214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really Short after that it looks like that Makes no sense either.
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