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  1. Hello ABRP I tested ABRP in the vehicle browser yesterday for the first time on a 200km trip. First calculation at the beginning worked well. Tesla account access is green, live data showed up, ABRP login is also green. At all following looks into the browser (it is minimized in between to see the car navigation), ABRP is not working well. If it "wakes" up after opening the browser again, it does not have the current SoC. It's sometimes 5-10% behind. Sometimes it changes SoC after opening but still to an older SoC. GPS position is also not updated after opening. At the end the page does not even react to input, which is maybe more a problem of the tesla browser. Also a reload of the complete page doesn't help. So making long story short. Unusable. Do I have to use my smartphone instead? Thanks PS.: Did you get data from me yesterday?
  2. Ok, thanks. I saw another thread with some information in it. Could you add here some more information, that the information is collected in one place. What is recognized from ABRP in terms of "log in"? Is it enough just to open the browser in the car? Do I have to reload the page? Do I have to move the map? What initiates the log in? Is a login also on other devices (home pc, tablet, smartphone) working? Same questions above. So if I open the browser in my smartphone and calculate a route, is than the 36h activated? Thanks
  3. Sorry. If I configure my Tesla Account under "more settings", "Live car connection", there is a checkbox that I can check or not saying "36h background sharing". Whats the differnce/addition to "Share driving and charging data with ABRP"? Thanks
  4. Hello What does that mean? Thanks
  5. Description: Torque message, when "testing server setup": Test fail, Check your data connection and Webserver URL: failed to connect to abe....../ 4441) from /:: (port 45704): connect failed: ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused) Link to Plan: Replication Steps: Had a testdrive with e-Niro this morning and 1h of data. Could not upload them live. How to upload them afterwards? Thanks
  6. Hello Maybe to finetune my request. Could we have some check boxes behind the depart charge to request notification for that stop. General selection for all stops at the top and single check boxes for each stop. Hover over description "SOC notification, if your car provides real time online data" I think you have to put some effort in the triggering conditions. My first thought would be to use the GPS position of the charger. If ABRP planner detect GPS within 50m around the charger, the car is charging and it provides online data, than it should send notification (Popup, Email...). Thank
  7. Yes, a popup. If you mean something like an android system popup. Otherwise an email for example. Something that notifies me during my charging brake, drinking coffee, waiting on SOC reaches the value that is defined by ABRP planning for that specific stop. Notification rings, finish coffee, go out to the car and drive on according to plan. Thanks
  8. Hello ABRP Team I'm wondering if the battery temperature is taken into account with the influence on charging speed. It seems that all EVs has different charging curves depending on battery temperature. Leaf, Kona, Niro and maybe even Tesla. If I look to your collected data of Teslas charging curves, I cannot see the parameter battery temperature. What I can see are some "statistical anomalies": It seams to be important for route planning. Thanks
  9. Add1: Recognized new feature "View Live data". First step is already made. Notification would be great in addition. Thanks
  10. Some guys created an app for EVs without online access (Kona, e-Niro) called EV-Notify, to monitor charging. Using a secondary phone in the car it builds a bridge between OBD dongle and a server to monitor charging and to get notifications on a primary phone. Due to expected access problems of two apps (EV-Notify and Torque) to the OBD Dongle, we cannot use ABRP and EV-Notify at the same time. Description: Implementation of charging monitoring and notification within ABRP. Use Case: Travelling with a planned route using ABRP with a the primary phone. A secondary phone running Torque keeps uploading current SOC from OBD dongle to ABRP server. Primary phone acquires those date from server for use of dynamic planning adjustment and monitoring of SOC during charging brakes. Notification about SOC can be set manually or will be pushed automatically according to the SOC defined by the routeplanner to leave the charger. Thanks
  11. Hello Jason Noop, no-sleep module doesn't work on my S7. When the mobile is going to sleep I have to press on/off, than swipe to unlock lock screen (I could disable this), but than I see the black Android Auto unlock screen and if I unlock that I see my App folder structure. I have to go to the task manager and have to reactivate the browser. Looking forward to test No-Map mode. Thanks Bye
  12. Hello Jason Sorry, I didn't get the point. There is already a No Map Mode we can test? Should we also use the "module"? Where to get? Thanks
  13. Yes, maybe a simpler second screen app will do it also. Possibly with a kind of voice feedback. "You are over/under the estimation.......". But be aware. If we run this second screen app on the same smartphone as you use with AA, you will also loose focus, when activating screen on the phone. You than always have to open the app (browser) with maybe the reload problem and it distracts you from driving. Idea: Could you "hide" the second screen app as massaging app for AA? We would get a message popup with the proper information in it and you even don't have to leave Google maps for that. Workflow: 1. Planning route with ABRP 2. Share planning to Google Maps 3. ABRP with voice feedback in the background and short before reaching the next charger a message with "please charge to X%. Thanks
  14. Hello Android Auto support would be great and I agree. Concentrating on EV specific features is more important than turn by turn navigation. BTW: You can deactivate these strange blue arrows during real time navigation. I rooted my spare Galaxy S7 to use the phone browser with ABRP and Android Mirror in my Renault Zoe. There are a lot of problems with this: 1. The buttons on the right site are only shown up to night mode. Zoom buttons disappears at the top. The design is made for portrait 17" not for landscape 7" screens. 2. If you are in real time navigation and the graph is shown and you switch than to maps or the music app within Android Auto and you go back to AA Mirror and your browser with ABRP, the browser reloads the page and the planning including the graph is gone. You have to press the button "plan route" again. But if you leave AA mirror again and come back to it, its gone again. I don't know if it's a page reload of the android browser (tried, Adblock Browser, Chrome and dolphin), or if its a AA Mirror problem, that it always starts with homescreen and you always have to re-enter the browser again, or if it's a Android Auto problem, where the phone have a problem with doing Android Auto and the normal UI at the same time. A solution for non Teslas with Android Auto is definitely needed. Thanks for your great work. Bye
  15. Description: Planning a route with e-Niro now uses Typ2 for charging. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=76a03248-b856-46cb-b2be-1eba426d303e Replication Steps: I planned a lot of routes over the last weeks in order to prepare for my new car. From week to week the planning gets better and better and it only uses CCS fast chargers. Also charge time in the planning above of 1:01h for 14%-77% can not be right with an 64kWh battery and 7,2kW Typ2 charging capability. Please revert back to planning algorithm before 3.4 Thanks Go on with your great work Edit: Strange. With the link above it is a CCS now. But see my screenshot from before:
  16. Hello I'm expecting to buy an Kia Niro EV, when it appears here in Germany. During the waiting time I'm playing around with the planner to learn something about route planning strategy and have some questions. Which charging curve is currently assumed for the Kia Niro 64? There are some around the www (https://goo.gl/images/EengQa) from equal Kona 64 which indicates around 45kW between 10% and around 73% on 50kW chargers and average 65kW for +100KW chargers. Which values is the planner taking into account for "automatic" planning? If I add a charger manually to the plan the maximum charging speed is automatically added to the waypoint options. But how is the charging time (in brackets) calculated? It's not with the Max. speed of the charger. But it's also not with the average values from above even if I enter that manually? What is it? Example: Using a 175kW charger and charge from 10% to 48%. The brackets tell me 38min. Delta 38% is 64kWh x 0,38 = 24,3kWh / 65kW speed = 0,37 * 60min = 22min. I love your planner and would like to contribute data when I get my Niro. Go on with your great work. Your planner is really needed in the EV world. Bye

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