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    No Tesla Live Data

    Description: Despite correct login, no live data Type: ABRP App Replication Steps: also logoff and religin doesn't help. Thanks
  2. Same here. @ABRP: Last year during my roadtrip through Norway, ABRP was very buggy, not reliable and not to use properly for 3+ weeks. I could not complain, it costs nothing. But this year....it has to work 99,9% of the time. It must be reliable. I'm now paying money for it. If it does not work for the next four weeks, like currently, I want my money back. Reliability is priority one for such a service! Thanks
  3. Description: After input a new destination during planning, a blue line is drawn to this destination. But the map is not zoomed out to show the destination including the dotted blue line. Use Case: Zooming to the complete view of the planned destinations would help to get a better overview of the planning, including the possibility to check, whether the destination are the right ones 😉 Thanks
  4. Jojo

    Letters input spoiled

    Description: If you save a calculated route and than want to change the name of the saved route, after each input into the text field the cursor jumps to the end of the already inputed standard text already there. Type: Chrome on Mac and also Chrome on Android Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Save Route Edit route name Leave the already existing name of the route and add e.g. "Day 1" before the text. After each letter inputed, the curser jumps at the end of the text.
  5. Hello I love your service and would like to see more improvements on the new UI to make it more convenient. I'm talking in specific about the usability in the Tesla Model 3 browser. 1. Button sizes: Most of them are right sized, but around the navigation area, it's a fail. The handles are to small to grap, the X can't be touched in a moving car, the setting are not distinguishable, letters to small. There is a lot of space usable. See the Tesla icons as a size reference. 2. Burn down chart: What happens on the right end of the burn down chart? Shouldn't there be also the planned arrival SOC be shown in blue? I think it would also make sense to show the red arrival SOC, that is calculated after driving faster, below the planned SOC. If I would consume less, than in green above. Also I would show the current SOC red below and green above the planned SOC in blue. Maybe even the red text to a red dot on the red line. 3. I already reported, that the GPS is sometimes of in position. I cannot send my destination to the Tesla, until I'm on the route, which I'm not at the beginning, when I entered the destination. So I have to fiddle around after starting to drive. It would be better to be able to send the destination, no matter of I'm on the route or not. 4. I still get some white screens here and there in the middle of a routing. It would be great, if you take these improvements into account. Thanks for your work. Bye
  6. Hallo Ja, das ist mir klar. Ich finde nur, dass hier zwei Dinge vermischt werden. Das eine ist der gezeigte Kartenausschnitt. - Standpunkt in der Mitte mit Umgebung (Centered) - Route mit Standpunkt und nächstem Zwischenziel - Gesamtroute Das andere ist die Orientierung der Ansicht. Theoretisch kann ich alle drei genordet oder in Fahrtrichtung orientiert anschauen. Ich würde vorschlagen: Ein Toggle Button für die drei Kartenausschnitte. Standardorientierung: Centered Fahrtrichtung, dazu in der Karte ein Toggle für genordet und 3D Nächster Schritt genordet, keine Toggles Ziel genordet, keine Toggles Eigentlich so, wie in den meisten Kartenanwendungen auch. Gruß
  7. Yes, I thought the same. But I couldn't figure out what purpose it should have. 😉
  8. Hello Here a picture from the blue dot somewhere in the graph.
  9. Description: Blue dot in graph is not on the blue line. Should it be like that? Type: Using Model 3 browser 2020.12.5. Software. Link to Plan: Graph display during driving. I assume, the graph shows the estimated SOC in blue. The blue dot should be the current estimated SOC. But it is not on the blue line. It is shown somewhere else under the blue line. Second: What is the meaning of Nord (German), North (english?) under map mode. "Nächster Schritt" (ger)/"next step", "Ziel" (ger)/"Destination?" shows a specific area of the planned route. "nord"/"north" shows the current position in the middle of the screen. All three are oriented north. Shouldn't be "Nord" named "position centered"? Shouldn't there be a fourth button about map orientation toggle, which is valid for all three map areas shown (Nächster Schritt/Ziel/Centered)? It's confusing currently. Thanks
  10. Hello I don't know, if it is the same problem, but I see something similar. After calculating a route it begins a few hundred meter away from the actual position. Car and Device location a far away from route begin. Maybe that wouldn't be a big issue, but when I calculated the route, I choose the second priority route from ABRP proposals. But after starting the route it jumps back to the first choice maybe because its nearer to the "wrong" starting point, I don't know. Thanks
  11. Hello I have the same problem in my Model 3. But I never had it at routing start. I recognized it after a while driving according a plan and then reopening the Tesla browser. Sometimes just the white page appears. Sometimes it is a black page. Thanks
  12. Jojo

    MyTesla login doesn't work

    Works again, thanks.
  13. Description: since last update I could not get any data from my Tesla account. Type: android app, android browser, mac browser Logout and relogin doesn't retrieve any data from the account. I can choose my car by name and than no information is retrieved. No SOC and also the blue buttons with start SOC and consumption coming from Tesla account are but there. Thanks
  14. But with normal plug symbol. Thanks
  15. Hello I could not find the Tesla login configuration within the android app. Is it automatically connected to the abrp login? Thanks
  16. Yes, the same with Waze. With each opening, the dialog appears. Bye
  17. Hello Jason Same thing We also don't need the popup if I accepted once! Currently it appears everytime you open the browser. Thanks
  18. Description: Since version 4.7 or 4.8 the tesla browser always asks for GPS access when opening the browser. Bookmark renewed, bookmark created new, nothing helps. Each time you open the site it asks you with the popup window, even you are within a running plan. Thanks BTW: Is the GPS position now working again within the browser?
  19. Hello Your update to 3.8 is asking again for GPS permission. Does it mean, that Tesla provides GPS information directly from the car again with V10? Problem: ABRP is asking each time you open the browser/page. Each time! That's annoying. Please fix. Thanks
  20. Hello ABRP I would like to thank you for your great work. I used ABRP in my Model 3 on a weekend trip and it works great. Tesla/ABRP login works, reload of trip and update of the burn down chart works, replanning works. Everything works fine and very accurate. Nevertheless I'm curious for future changes: - Your new design (hopefully with bigger buttons for better usability in the car) - Integration of live traffic would be great, even if it costs a bit. - Continuous update of time schedule. Thanks Looking forward to it.
  21. Jojo

    ABRP Login dead

    Problem solved. Tesla server was down. Thanks
  22. Jojo

    ABRP Login dead

    Sorry, topic is wrong. Tesla login dead would be right
  23. Jojo

    ABRP Login dead

    Description: exactly for weekend travel time, Tesla login doesn't work Replication Steps: Tesla browser: VIN can be chosen, but no live data from Tesla Re login doesn't help Reload site doesn't help Smartphone chrome: Wrong password message at login
  24. If a Tesla: Share button in the left top corner of the plan, if smartphone or pc. "Tesla Nav" button in the left top corner of your plan, when you are using the Tesla internal browser. Both works only when you are logged in with your Tesla account.

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