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  1. Hello Guys Could we summarize the result? What I understood. MC+ connected to Android phone. Works fine even after sleep with automatical wake up, if you leave the phone active (screen on) with ABRP as running active app? Right? What does "set to autostart" means? Android? Thanks
  2. Yes, it was initially connected, green bars in AA and current SOC was shown. I pressed yes. So should be fine.
  3. Yes, I saw that. But I'm not talking about replugging in the first place, but only wake-up after sleep when reentering the car. If the Dongle is changing its address even after wake-up without unplugging it, it's useless to have an automatic wake up feature. Fact is, after wake-up, without unplugging, ABRP does not get any data, despite ABRP/AA do wake up the Dongle after standby.
  4. @Samuel-ABRP I sent you data. BTW.: I did not get any connection the second time after initial connection. The Dongle (MC+) gets activated after reentering the vehicle, LEDs flashes blue and red, but ABRP did not get any connection or data. I have to delete connection and reconnect it with pressing the button for pairing again.
  5. I think all these BLE Dongles are BS. Please let us use normal BT one's. Only because Apple is not compatible with normal Bluetooth, all Android users needs to suffer now. https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/request-a-feature/please-enable-regular-bluetooth-obdii-readers/ Thanks
  6. Did you press the brake pedal to activate the car when connecting the Dongle to ABRP? It needs car communication input during the checking routine.
  7. Hello I also got my MC+. After pressing the button on the Dongle I could select it (name ....iOS.....) and the connection was established, working fine, also showing green bars besides SOC in Android Auto. If I reenter the vehicle, the Dongle is dark, but wakes up after Android Auto is launched and/or ABRP App is activated. LEDs on the Dongle started blinking. But I do not get any data. No green bars, no SOC. The Dongle is also only appearing in the OBD device list again, if I press the button. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  8. Good morning I deleted yesterday the connection between ABRP and my iCar Pro Dongle and connected it to OBD Auto Doctor App. Firstly I had to choose Android-Vlink from the list of Bluetooth devices and secondly I had to enter a code to connect (0000, 1234). When connecting to ABRP, I could only choose IOS-Vlink without any Code. Is that the difference between normal Bluetooth broadcast (Android-Vlink) and BLE (IOS-Vlink)? Anyways, also trying to wake up the Dongle with OBD Auto Doctor doesn't work. So to me, the iCar Pro Dongle is cumbersome and not recommended. Bye
  9. Hello All As the EV route planning in MEB platform cars is still catastrophic and because it is not possible to run the planning in ABRP over Android Auto and the in car nav at the same time, currently the best solution for a sophisticated planning is to use ABRP also as the real time navigation with Android Auto. I used that meanwhile for around 2000km navigation around Germany. Here is what I would like to bring up for discussion: 1. The "lookahead heading estimation" (https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/report-a-bug/bugs-bugs-bugs/) is confusing. Especially in inner cities with complex junctions, you loosing orientation to easy. MEB internal nav and also Google Maps are not doing it and are more easy to follow because of this. 2. I would like to see the opportunity to switch through all the modes at every given time, not "The other two modes only show the full overview, if no close by instruction is shown." Especially with the next items I will mention, it's hard to keep the overview on the route planning as it is far more dynamic due to traffic situation, charging planning including availability of chargers, than a "normal" ICE routing. 3. The routing algorithm is sometimes...surprising. I don't know which one you are using, but I think it's not on the level like Google maps or other up to date navigation systems. a) Short before a planned charging stop the navigation decides to leave the autobahn one exit before originally planned and showed. It could be because of traffic or because the navigation thinks, it's the shorter route. Right after entering the exit ramp, it routes back to the autobahn again, so I turned around again, no traffic, no other reason. Maybe some threshold for saving time is set odd or something like that. On the exit ramp I wanted also to switch to the overview mode to understand what the nav is doing. See point 2, I cannot do it at that time. b) I also encountered this behaviour with a planning this morning: ABRP: Google Maps: . Its an +800km route to italy. In Germany today is a public holiday. No traffic issues. Google Maps just continues on the autobahn. No charging stop to be reached on this part of the route, so why? c) And there are some other opportunities like that, which I could not document. There is also an option of "alternative routing calculation" in the navigation settings. With this, the routes I checked are even worse. Also using more a shorter route than the obvious fastest route. That all remembers me a little bit when we started with Navigon Navigator 5 on our IPAQ 2110 PDAs back in the days, where you can influence the routing by changing the speed settings in an *.ini file. This sometimes leads to such a behaviour. It would be nice, if I can get some reports on this topics from some other users before I request changes. Thanks
  10. Thanks, that is exactly the same behaviour with me. What I will try, like Samuel purposes, is to use another app to test, if it wakes up with it. Will report
  11. Hello I contacted the supplier of the iCar Pro Dongle, that I bought on Amazon. It was delivered here to Germany from a German location, but on the package, everything is in Chinese and the support also answered in a chinese manner. Because the Dongle should wake up, but it doesn't, they sent me a new one. Also this second one is not waking up in my Enyaq. So I would not recommend the iCar Pro Dongle for now. I will test the VLinker MC+ next. Bye
  12. Hello @Hosinus Please test in specific, if the Dongle wakes up by its own, without switching it on or something like that. After a long night, you should enter your car, open ABRP in Android Auto, start a navigation and you should have live SoC right away. If that works, then everything is fine with it. Thanks
  13. Hello Samuel Thanks for your open words. I could now write a long story, but I save us the time. ABRP is great, I love it, I want to see it getting even better, sooner than later. You are currently ahead of the game. Please work on the reliability (less bugs, better tests before releases) and make it more convenient and easier to use. Keep up the good work. Know I have to test your new release 4.1.12 ;-). Bye
  14. Hello Samuel My Veepeak goes to sleep and wakes up without any problems. If it's a Bluetooth connection reception or just getting switched power from the OBD port, I don't know. Using third party apps is not nice. Remember, we are already using ABRP (second party), then we use AA (third party), so ABOR would be forth party. Even using ABRP is already a hassle. The less apps, the better. Following your new feature request tracker, implementing normal Bluetooth Dongles is top priority for your (paying) Users. What should the voting button do, if not setting your priorities? Thanks
  15. Hello Thanks for the info, but the Dongle is not waking up. After it shuts down, when I enter the car, non of the LEDs is on, completely dark. It doesn't matter, if I push the brake pedal to set the car active or if I press the "start"-button, the Dongle remains dark. If I unplug it and replug it, it lightens up, the LEDs are going and it's connected within seconds with ABRP. Please make normal Bluetooth Dongles possible, my Veepeak works like a charm in the past waking up. Thanks
  16. Hold on, you wrote, that it wakes up, if a connection is requested, right? Not switching the car on? Does ABRP requests a connection? When? At startup, at the beginning of routing, during the calculation of the route? Thanks
  17. @Uwe-EV6 I tried my iCar Pro today. The Dongle is not waking up on its own. I need to unplug and plug in again. Is there something to configure? Does it automatically switches on and connects at yours? Thanks
  18. @Uwe-EV6 Can you tell, which of your tested Dongles is switching on and off by itself without touching it? If I have to invest in a new BLE Dongle, I want to make sure not to fiddle around with it every time I use it. Thanks
  19. Additional question: Which of these four recommended BLE Dongles is switching on and off automatically. My current Veepeak works like a charm, but is not BLE. I do not want to fiddle around with the dongle. Plug in and forget. Thanks
  20. No, in each order, the latest running Navi kills the one before.
  21. Hello Samuel Thanks for explanation. I maybe have to try it out. If the shown arrival SoC is always the current estimated one, wouldn't it be helpful to show it in green or red in comparison to the planned one? Otherwise the reference is missing, which I would see in the burn down as well. The bigger problem with AA is, that it pulls focus, if you use it. I use the in car Navi because of the better in car integration, augmented reality HUD.... If I use ABRP App with AA it stops that navigation. So I can not use ABRP AA in parallel with in car Navi. And to be honest, ABRP Navi is not in the stage to use it exclusively as the one navigation tool. If we would be able to deactivate the "active" navigation, just showing SoC and the route with the stops, it would be fine. Thanks
  22. Hello Samuel First, thanks for your answer. I would love to use the app, but the app is useless with AA in the car. Feature number 1 of ABRP in driving mode is the burn down chart... which the app doesn't show in AA.
  23. Yes, Fermata is a browser/media player, which can be mirrored via AA. The behaviour of the UI is exactly the same like the normal Chrome browser under Android. Long press doesn't work. Please show a video of this with Android Chrome browser. Thanks
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