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  1. Hello ABRP I would like to thank you for your great work. I used ABRP in my Model 3 on a weekend trip and it works great. Tesla/ABRP login works, reload of trip and update of the burn down chart works, replanning works. Everything works fine and very accurate. Nevertheless I'm curious for future changes: - Your new design (hopefully with bigger buttons for better usability in the car) - Integration of live traffic would be great, even if it costs a bit. - Continuous update of time schedule. Thanks Looking forward to it.
  2. Jojo

    ABRP Login dead

    Problem solved. Tesla server was down. Thanks
  3. Jojo

    ABRP Login dead

    Sorry, topic is wrong. Tesla login dead would be right
  4. Jojo

    ABRP Login dead

    Description: exactly for weekend travel time, Tesla login doesn't work Replication Steps: Tesla browser: VIN can be chosen, but no live data from Tesla Re login doesn't help Reload site doesn't help Smartphone chrome: Wrong password message at login
  5. If a Tesla: Share button in the left top corner of the plan, if smartphone or pc. "Tesla Nav" button in the left top corner of your plan, when you are using the Tesla internal browser. Both works only when you are logged in with your Tesla account.
  6. Hello guys I read on electrive.net and checked it in my Model 3 and it's true. https://www.electrive.net/2019/08/29/tesla-erhoeht-laderate-an-v2-superchargern-in-europa-auf-150-kw/ Tesla updated the V2 Superchargers in Europe to 150kW. Many of them. Some to "only" 138kW. That makes the planning in ABRP even more complex. Hopefully you know, how to handle that. Are you planning to adjust the charging curve specific for different chargers? Will you wait on real live data before updating the charging curves? Thanks, looking forward to it. BTW: Tesla Login is now dead stable in Model 3, Thumbs up. Keep up the good work.
  7. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo I think we wrote at the same moment this morning, yes. ".. one or two things to improve this." sounds good. I would like to rise the question, if it makes sense only to update "the driving mode display"/"burn down chart"? What beneficial information do I get, if I see that I have a delay for the next waypoint compared to the planning. That would make sense, if the next waypoint is my final waypoint. The nature of planning with ABRP is, that there are intermediate waypoints, like charging stops, and I do not see the final waypoint in the overlay at the button until its the last segment of my trip. I could take the difference between original planned timing and the current ETA from driving mode display and add this to the planned final destination time of the plan table to get my corrected ETA for my final destination. Seems to be fairly complicated. Wouldn't it be much simpler to take updated ETA of the current segment from the driving mode display and based on that correct all timings in the table at each reload? Think about it. Thanks
  8. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo To point 1, time schedule: I observed this morning, that the time schedule is dynamic, great. As I need a longer time to my work because of traffic, which is currently not taken into account by ABRP, my ETA is changing to later on the way. This adjustment of the ETA can be seen at the right side of the burn down chart, where the ETA is stated for the next destination. It changes from 8.00 to 8.01 to 8.02....8.03. What has not changed is the ETA in the plan overview table. There it sticks to the original estimated 8.00. Is it by intention? Leaving plan like it was in the beginning and just updating the burn down chart? I would like to see also the complete plan, including follow up destinations, is getting updated. Thanks for taking this into account. Bye
  9. Hello I think we don't need such a filter. ABRP is optimized to find fastest solution. So it uses the fastest CCS anyway, if this leads to the overall fastest travel time. Try it out with Tesla CCS and CCS activated during planning. It will only use Ionity and similar instead of SuC. Bye
  10. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo I tested yesterday with a route of about four intermediate destinations. Observations: 1. Yes, time schedule is now consistant. Is it also dynamic? Is the time schedule of all follow up destinations updated each time I open the Model 3 browser according to the "real" progress? Funny: Burn down chart shows 24:17, when the ETA is after midnight 😉 2. Once I had the problem, that ABRP loads an old plan. See other thread Could that happen, when I use ABRP on different devices with the same ABRP Login? If all other devices than the Model 3 browser are in Standby (Smartphone, PC....) and than suddenly one of the other devices is woke up and the browser page is getting refreshed, maybe even that happens in the background, than maybe ABRP loads this last route from other devices when opening Model 3 browser. 3. Within my route I had a way back to my home and than the opposite direction for the next destination on the same route, but in the other direction. You know, where we are going to, right ;-). When I reached home destination ABRP shows instantly the next destination, perfect. Including ETA. I transferred this next destination to Tesla Nav, which also works perfect. Closing browser, start to drive. When I opened the browser again on the way to may next destination using the same route I used to go home but in the opposite direction, ABRP shows my home address again and the burn down chart runs/moves backwards. I suspect, that ABRP loses orientation, when the same route is used twice in different directions. It cannot detect on which "segment" of the plan you are currently. I think you need an algorithm to detect directions and/or the order of reached destinations or something like that. Fun fact: A few years ago I helped with testing a software for (mountain)bike navigation on smartphones, where using same route twice in same or opposite direction is happening very often and the software can't handle this as well, until they introduced something called "strict navigation", where the waypoint are handled in the strict order of planning. Thanks, looking forward to the progress.
  11. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo 1. Tesla Login: Login works well now. I tried it on tour ten times or so and it always works. It works with short intervals between reloading the browser and also with longer intervals (>10min). Burn down chart is updated perfect. 2. I send the next intermediate destination with button "Tesla Nav" to the Tesla and it even works 50m before the current destination. That's great now. Did you change something compared to last week? 3. Replanning when leaving the plan also works like a charm. 4. The time schedule is still messed up. See It is somehow more important than you think, that the time schedule works. Explanation: Because of the lag of intermediate destinations within the Tesla Nav you do not get a plan over your whole trip. You only see the next step. This is unfortunate for your passengers and especially for your children. "When will we reach our destination?" ;-). Therefore it would be helpful to have the complete plan in ABRP. And Bo, you are right. Using ABRP in Model 3 browser is too good to skip it. 😉 Thanks
  12. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Thanks, will check it over the weekend. I'll give you feedback.
  13. Hello Bo Did you already sold your algorithm? https://www.tomtom.com/company/press-releases/news/25686/ Competitors don't sleep. Thanks
  14. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo Some observation from this morning about the Tesla Login problem: As stated here, after reload of the browser the login often does not work with all the follow up problems (no burn down, wrong postition with GSM, wrong recalculation........). But maybe it's not the login itself. Everytime the Tesla Login and Live Data is grey, I can click on Tesla Login and my VIN appears. If I than select the VIN, everything works. So, Tesla Login works, VIN is displayed, but after reload ABRP does not select the VIN/vehicle properly. Maybe it helps to solve the problem. Bye

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