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  1. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo 1. Tesla Login: Login works well now. I tried it on tour ten times or so and it always works. It works with short intervals between reloading the browser and also with longer intervals (>10min). Burn down chart is updated perfect. 2. I send the next intermediate destination with button "Tesla Nav" to the Tesla and it even works 50m before the current destination. That's great now. Did you change something compared to last week? 3. Replanning when leaving the plan also works like a charm. 4. The time schedule is still messed up. See It is somehow more important than you think, that the time schedule works. Explanation: Because of the lag of intermediate destinations within the Tesla Nav you do not get a plan over your whole trip. You only see the next step. This is unfortunate for your passengers and especially for your children. "When will we reach our destination?" ;-). Therefore it would be helpful to have the complete plan in ABRP. And Bo, you are right. Using ABRP in Model 3 browser is too good to skip it. 😉 Thanks
  2. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Thanks, will check it over the weekend. I'll give you feedback.
  3. Hello Bo Did you already sold your algorithm? https://www.tomtom.com/company/press-releases/news/25686/ Competitors don't sleep. Thanks
  4. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo Some observation from this morning about the Tesla Login problem: As stated here, after reload of the browser the login often does not work with all the follow up problems (no burn down, wrong postition with GSM, wrong recalculation........). But maybe it's not the login itself. Everytime the Tesla Login and Live Data is grey, I can click on Tesla Login and my VIN appears. If I than select the VIN, everything works. So, Tesla Login works, VIN is displayed, but after reload ABRP does not select the VIN/vehicle properly. Maybe it helps to solve the problem. Bye
  5. If you need someone to test, I would be happy to help. Thanks
  6. Hello Bo Good to know. I would really like to see that. Is Model 3 browser version still planned? Thanks
  7. Hello Bo Can't tell. Most time I'm using the Model 3 browser. To be honest. I stopped using ABRP in Model 3, because it does not work reliable. - Login problems with Tesla login - nonsense automatic rerouting after a while, when only position is acquired from GSM - time schedule not usable - many other issues over the last month, see forum (bug in routing, but with waypoint order, bug with abrp login...) - losing my route and get an old one was the last straw that breaks the camel's back I think you have to decide how to proceed. A. Building up a service for free with limited resources => concentrate on reliability, no new features, keep it stable. Maybe no support for Model 3 browser, if it's too complicated to get this stable. B. Building up a service professionally with a monthly fee => leading service, reliable, feature rich. C. As you said in the interview with Björn. Sell the algorithm, close ABRP and leave the field to other people. Your choice. Right now, it is frustrating for us all. My choice would be B.
  8. Hello I can confirm this. I had the same issue in Model 3 browser on Sunday. I followed a plan and after reopening the browser ABRP presents an old planning from some time before. Maybe it picks up another planning done before on any other device with ABRP account logged in and does not take the latest one.
  9. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo I have still problems with live data acquiring via Tesla Login. I now have more details. 1. Starting a planning. Live data acquiring needs some time, but than position and SoC is given and the route is calculated. Tesla Login works. 2. Than I close the browser to navigate with Tesla Navi. 3a. If I open the browser with ABRP again after a short while (1min, 2min...) the burn down chart is updated right away and my position is also shown correctly right away. 3b. If I open the browser after 10min again, no burn down chart appears and after a while I'm located in the Netherlands. And I get the Replan Popup. !!! If I than not react to the popup and close the browser and than reopen it in the next moment, everything is fine again. Burn down chart, SoC, position ok. So between 2min and 10min ABRP "forgets" the access to the Account and is not capable to reestablish it after the next reopening of the browser in the first place. Only after the next opening again it works or after only 2min to ?min from the last opening. Hopefully it helps to find the problem. Thanks
  10. Hello Bo, Jason Something is happening, right? Since today the first starting point gets no time update anymore, when reopening the Model 3 browser. Good, well done. Nevertheless the ETA is still calculated based on the browser opening time. I started at 19:36 and the initial ETA was 19:55 (19:36+19min). Short before home I opened the browser (19:59) and the ETA was 20:18 (again +19min added to the opening time of the browser) That's not right. Thanks
  11. Description: The time schedule behind a planning is not getting updated correcty in Model 3 browser Replication Steps: Plan a route with first position "my position" Begin to drive according to route planning Everytime you reopen the Model 3 browser the burn down chart gets updatet with SoC Live data correctly (now ;-)). But also the time of the first beginning point where you started is set to the current time of reopening the browser. The rest of the time schedule is calculated with the segment duration based on the beginning time. With this beginning time always set to browser reopening time, the schedule is constantly shifted to later and does not fit in any kind to your trip progress. Estimated time of arrivals are all wrong at all following points. Hello Bo, Jason. I really want your tool working well. I love it and want to use it as reliable tool. This is the reason, why I push, like I do, Thanks See picture: Originally we started the plan at 7:45 in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Because of a problem with ABRP we have to recalculate the plan somewhere between Frederikshavn and Rodekro at 56% SoC. On this recalculation, the time schedule should be based on and the initial planning told us to be at Bispingen at 13:33. See the right line at the burndown chart, which is correctly not "updated" when reopening the browser from initial planning. Whereas the plan at the top gets everytime you open the Model 3 browser, an update of the time for the first position of the plan. Here you can see, that I opened the browser at 12:06. Based on that Bispingen ETA is calculated at 15:11. All Locations in a plan that you already passed should show either the original ETA or better, the real time of arrival. All followup locations should be recalculated when opening the browser. So we need a mixture of not recalculating the whole route everytime we open the browser , because this undermines the functionality of the burn down chart. But we need an update of the time schedule to the current progress and follow up ETAs. Thanks
  12. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    PPPS.: After resetting my login it works again. Lets see the next days, if it forgets the login again or we are facing new problems. Thanks
  13. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    PPS.: Or show the letters for a second and than mask it. We need the opportunity to check input
  14. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo Yes, Tesla API is nuts today. I tried to relogin 20 times today. Login wrong. Currently I cannot login via Model 3 browser at all. ABRP was not usable today in the car. Keyboard input is also strange. I have to open login popup twice, because after clicking in the next input field, the keyboard doesn't open. I have to close the popup and reopen it. I cannot check if I input my password right because I cannot see it plain text. Please add a show password button. I had problems in the past with Model 3 keyboard, that it writes capital letters despite small letters should appear and the other way around. All these problems I had with 24.4 software and before. Since yesterday I have 28.3. and the Tesla login doesn't work anymore. Status today with 28.3.: ABRP is unusable. Keep the head up, thanks. PS.: Tesla locked my account Because of to many failed Logins. Could there something be wrong with your forwarding of the login?
  15. Jojo

    ABRP Login is not saved

    Hello Bo I'm on the road again today. Time schedule is still not working, but currently not so important. Update of plan when browser reloads works in principle. Two problems today: 1. ABRP forgets Tesla login after a while. Then the update of burn down chart doesn't work because no live info. When I login again (just clicking FIN number) it works again. 2. Maybe because of problem number 1 or even if the login is not forgotten, the localisation begins again with Amsterdam (dutch provider issue). Thanks for fixing the issues. Bye

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