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  1. Hello Katya Thanks for coming back to me. I think everything is fine, but we need a more consistant coloring of the graph. Currently: Why is 19% green? Why is the 90% at start in blue is missing? Change: Blue = Plan with start SoC and planned destination SoC Green = Actual If you want to give the user a hint, that he won't gonna make it with starting at 36%, a red doted line could also be shown: If the start SoC is the same as in the planning, there is just a green dot at the beginning of the green line. Like it is today ;-). Thanks
  2. S-Bahn Ostring, Cheruskerstraße, 90482 Nürnberg to TG Automobile GmbH, August-Herrmann-Straße 2, 67655 Kaiserslautern
  3. Android OS Version 10 App 4.0.30 I think it plans with 90% at start (like configured), but than shows current SoC in the chart. In the first picture, the 17% should be blue (planned with 90% start, blue line) and there should also be a blue 90% written to the top of the blue line. In the second pictures the blue 90% belongs to the blue line at the top and, in addition, we could have the green dot with a green number with the current SoC below. Very confusing.
  4. Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated... Nonsense planning: Blue line? 214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really Short after that it looks like that Makes no sense either.
  5. Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated... Nonsense planning: Blue line? 214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really Short after that it looks like that Makes no sense either.
  6. Jojo

    Bad UI logic

    Description: going back from charging station detailed screen kicks you out of your current planning Type: ABRP android app Link to Plan: Replication Steps: Calculate a route klick on charging stop to get details klick back (zurück) it should go back to the plan, not the input screen.
  7. Jojo

    No Tesla Live Data

    Description: Despite correct login, no live data Type: ABRP App Replication Steps: also logoff and religin doesn't help. Thanks
  8. Same here. @ABRP: Last year during my roadtrip through Norway, ABRP was very buggy, not reliable and not to use properly for 3+ weeks. I could not complain, it costs nothing. But this year....it has to work 99,9% of the time. It must be reliable. I'm now paying money for it. If it does not work for the next four weeks, like currently, I want my money back. Reliability is priority one for such a service! Thanks
  9. Description: After input a new destination during planning, a blue line is drawn to this destination. But the map is not zoomed out to show the destination including the dotted blue line. Use Case: Zooming to the complete view of the planned destinations would help to get a better overview of the planning, including the possibility to check, whether the destination are the right ones 😉 Thanks
  10. Description: If you save a calculated route and than want to change the name of the saved route, after each input into the text field the cursor jumps to the end of the already inputed standard text already there. Type: Chrome on Mac and also Chrome on Android Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Save Route Edit route name Leave the already existing name of the route and add e.g. "Day 1" before the text. After each letter inputed, the curser jumps at the end of the tex
  11. Hello I love your service and would like to see more improvements on the new UI to make it more convenient. I'm talking in specific about the usability in the Tesla Model 3 browser. 1. Button sizes: Most of them are right sized, but around the navigation area, it's a fail. The handles are to small to grap, the X can't be touched in a moving car, the setting are not distinguishable, letters to small. There is a lot of space usable. See the Tesla icons as a size reference. 2. Burn down chart: What happens on the right end of the burn down chart? Shouldn'
  12. Hallo Ja, das ist mir klar. Ich finde nur, dass hier zwei Dinge vermischt werden. Das eine ist der gezeigte Kartenausschnitt. - Standpunkt in der Mitte mit Umgebung (Centered) - Route mit Standpunkt und nächstem Zwischenziel - Gesamtroute Das andere ist die Orientierung der Ansicht. Theoretisch kann ich alle drei genordet oder in Fahrtrichtung orientiert anschauen. Ich würde vorschlagen: Ein Toggle Button für die drei Kartenausschnitte. Standardorientierung: Centered Fahrtrichtung, dazu in der Karte ein Toggle für genordet und 3D
  13. Yes, I thought the same. But I couldn't figure out what purpose it should have. 😉
  14. Hello Here a picture from the blue dot somewhere in the graph.
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