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  1. Further to the bug above, just decided to try it in reverse direction, here's the whole trip... https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=83097bbd-2261-4e10-9735-6340f8780732 After St. Andrews the planner takes us up to a charger 100 km north, then back south again then back home. Wierd.
  2. Description: 2 Waypoints entered, both charging stations. Instead of routing the obvious 30 km drive ( https://www.google.ca/maps/dir/45.1932941,-67.2748661/45.08188,-67.05898/@45.0788159,-67.0707586,14.37z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0 ) the program gives 2 choices for routes that are either 171 or 245 km to get there. Noticed it as part of a longer plan where it first tried to route me past and back so I selected "do not charge" at the closer chargers that it first tried to route me through. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=336de518-2f8d-4594-9bc4-1eb7431e84b2 Replication Steps: Run several times deleting the St. George (non existant) and Point Lepreau chargers from the routing and it just won't find the direct route. Also ran on mobile, same results.
  3. NoBeard

    Non-Existent Chargers

    Both in Canada, and no edit link on either of them. 88 Marr Rd, Rothesay, NB That one is right near a real one so no harm, but the surprise was 5 Route 172, Upper Letang, NB Where it's a bit of a distance to the next one, and was a bit of fun. NB
  4. NoBeard

    Not calculating usage

    (un)Fortunately the next day it worked fine. Was very odd as the error was on both of my home computers and in the mobile link on my phone as well. NB
  5. NoBeard

    Non-Existent Chargers

    One other support question. I have come across a couple of locations that ABRP says have Chademo/CCS chargers that don't exist. Who do I advise to get these removed?
  6. NoBeard

    Not calculating usage

    Hi, for the past few days we've been having this recurring problem and am having the problem from 2 different computers, both Win 10 running chrome... I've clipped out part of the route here to show it between just 2 chargers along the way. The attached pic shows a trip from one charger to the next with 0 km used and 0 energy used. I've also had it say no route available when doing more complex routings even though the routes were available. Can't find any similar posts.

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