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  1. I cannot report from personal experience, but most indications that I've seen are that you can expect to lose 1% of charge per day while unplugged, which in a Model 3 LR AWD should mean about 3 miles a day, so you should be good. 14 days shouldn't lose you more than about 45 miles or so. If you start at 279 miles range (90%), then you'd have to lose more than 16 miles of range (5%) per day to get down to 50 miles range by the time you return in two weeks, so if there's a Supercharger 30 miles away, then even that very bad case would leave you plenty of range to get there.
  2. Planning an EV trip from the Colorado Front Range over Vail Pass on I-70 to Carbondale CO and back. Looking forward to seeing how the climb and descent consumption rates match up to ABRP's predictions. ABRP says we can get all the way there with no charging stops, arriving at our destination with 22% charge remaining (starting at 100%/310 miles) after driving 222 miles in a Tesla Model 3 LR AWD. ABRP says we can get all the way home (starting at 22%/68 miles) with only two 15-minute Supercharger stops, so only 30 minutes of charging for a total of 425 miles mountain driving there and back, arriving home with 15%/46 miles remaining. My son reported driving up to Mount Evans and back from Denver and regaining almost all his original range coming down (also Tesla M3 LR AWD), so the ABRP predictions do seem reasonable. Has anybody else here driven any EV across Colorado on I-70 and can report their consumption results across the Continental Divide, especially Vail Pass?
  3. A couple of thoughts, mostly to make sure we compare apples to apples: I'm not sure where gas is being sold at $2/gallon right now - AAA reports the average price has been around $2.30 and more for some time now, which is more like $65 for gasoline for this trip (assuming regular gas). When I ran a generic route from Louisville to Dallas it did come up with 17:17 hours driving+charging, but the charging time is only 3:31, so it is not adding 5 hours for charging. If you've been able to do the trip in 12.5 hours in an ICE, then you might very well do this trip in 16 hours or so in your Kona (unless you have to slow down to make it to the next charging station - as in that first leg to Nashville). If you are doing a lot of road trips, you might want to make a different trade-off between the initial purchase price of the EV and the cost/availability/convenience of the charging network available to that car. If you are only doing the occasional road trip, then I think you can still consider all of the benefits of around-town and commuting EV use against some possible additional time/inconvenience on road trips, assuming your chosen EV has the range needed to make it between charging stations on your specific road trip routes. I hadn't really looked into the charging side of things that much before, but it does seem like the Tesla charging world might be a little (dramatically?) different from that of other EVs.
  4. Where are you from? Colorado Front Range, USA What car do you drive? Tesla Model 3 LR AWD (delivered February 1, 2019) What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Numerous round-trips to Denver (90 miles round trip). Planning a trip to North Carolina (4000 miles round-trip).

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