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  1. Hi @noradtux, I experienced the same. Also in cities it likes to use unusual routes which in the end take much longer than the ones Apple oder Google use.
  2. Hi @TomTomZoe Thanks, I also wanted to report that several days ago but always forgot it.
  3. Hi @Samuel-ABRP, I observed a difference of 0-5% difference between the actual SoC of the car and what ABRP displayed today. ABRP showed of course a higher SoC. So I fear thats not precise enough if you only use the SoC drop over time to calculate the consumption. Again TRONITY is pretty much spot on regarding their values so I guess ABRP doesnt refresh the SoC often enough.
  4. I want to add on that, with version 4.0.47 I get distances to next manoeuvre displayed in meters which results in a pretty big number of course. And also from my feeling the manoeuvres are often displayed way to early or unneccessary. See screenshot attached. I think >50 km is a bit too early displayed. Also I'm not sure if it is not the better choice just not to display driving instructions which are basically just "Keep going straight ahead". Because the space on screen is fairly limited for most cars I'd say.
  5. I didn't pay attention at that but I will on the next trip and let you know about my observations.
  6. I have to admit that I found out last week Apple maps also doesn't know about that closed road. Well that doesn't make it any better when you are affected but just for a better understanding.
  7. Hi @Samuel-ABRP, quick feedback from the first trip. The first leg of the trip to IONITY Schwabhausen: When I started it predicted 0% Destination SoC which is ok because I set the min. SoC for chargers to 0%. But then later it increased to I think like 10%. In the end I arrived with 6% SoC which is kind of acceptable for the fact that I reset the reference consumption. But then weird things happened. It asked me to charge up to 90% SoC, which I did. Then it predicted 24% SoC at destination but now I actually had 35% left. Funfact: Minium SoC for destination is set to 10%. So why did it ask me to charge at least 14% for nothing?
  8. Hi @Samuel-ABRP, thanks for the feedback. I updated ABRP yesterday to the lastest iOS version and did a reset of reference consumption just now. I'll let you know what my experiences are on the next trips.
  9. Hi, I noticed a few days ago that ABRP as webapp via browser took several moments until the displayed SoC was updated to the current SoC. I updated the iOS app a few minutes ago to 4.0.47 and was paying attention on the display SoC. It turned out that the app shows the exact same behavior. In my opinion it should pull an SoC update immediately when starting the (web)app and not just on a fixed frequency.
  10. Looks like this issue has been solved meanwhile. Thanks!
  11. Not sure if ironic or not. 😂 I did decide to take it serious so thanks 😉
  12. Hi, since yesterday morning the ABRP app on my iPhone 7 (iOS 14.6) crashes immediately after starting it. I already tried to close all apps and restart the iPhone multiple times but it didn't help. If CarPlay is connected or not doesn't change a thing. Please see the videos here: https://we.tl/t-IR2tw65G0s Edit: Removing and installing the app again fixed it but maybe you still can learn from that incident.
  13. Hi, I also had bad experiences with closed roads which are closed for weeks. So those closed roads probably got officially announced. Autobahn intersection Rippachtal A38/A9 in Germany: https://goo.gl/maps/gQHMqiXpMdwL7P459 The connection from A38 (heading west) to A9 heading south is closed. But ABRP always leads you there. I marked the way ABRP wants to go with a black pencil in the screenshot. Then you have an additional detour of >16 km because you have to go A9 heading north and turn around in Nempitz (marked with red pencil). Or you stay on A38 (for that you have to know that the connection to A9 is closed) and turn around in Leuna which would result in a detour of ~15 km (marked with blue pencil). Of course if you pay attention to the road signs telling you that the connection is closed and you know the region you'd probably stay on A38. But come on its 2021. When I use a sat nav with live traffic I expect it to know the closed roads and avoid them, not leading me to them. Sorry I don't have too good drawing skills (using the mouse).
  14. Thanks for the input. Actually I set nothing about efficiency or consumption manually as I thought it would get all required data automatically from the car via TRONITY, which is linked to my ABRP.
  15. Hi, I encountered that there seems to be a bug with the displayed maximum charging power for IONITY sites where new chargers were added. Some examples: But I think this is a general problem so probably every site with additional new chargers is affected. They are all 350 kW. Also I think this two 4 piece pie charts look a bit weird to show 6 chargers. Edit: I guess it will be combined to one 6 piece pie chart as soon as all 6 chargers are specified as 350 kW?
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