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  1. I’ve been back to the car showroom to check the OBD location on the Kona. Unfortunately it has a cover over it like a fuse box cover. An OBD dongle will probably not fit without leaving the cover off which I’m unhappy about. Therefore I’m afraid I have to abandon the whole idea. Pity! Thanks anyway. I don’t know if left hand drive would be different but I doubt it. paul
  2. I’ve looked at several apps and cannot find any which suggest a server logging capability, especially live. Create a csv file or similar seems to be the limit. Unless you could suggest an app.
  3. Hi I’m new. I’ll be taking delivery of a Kona in January. I’ve read around the site. Can’t find anything on uploading live data from an iPhone. Looks like the best OBD apps fir iPhone are either OBDII Auto Doctor or EngineLink. They also seem particular about what OBD units they will talk to e.g. Vgate iCAR BLE. I would welcome any recommendations, even if that is to wait awhile. Thanks. I look forward to sharing Kona data from an Irish road user using my iPhone. Paul

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