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  1. One thing I like on the Zoe ZE50 implementation is the ability to have current directions directly in front of me as well as the map on the main display. This should alleviate the limitations of the 3D map view. Colin Begg
  2. Depends on your car, some need a dongle to pick up live battery data. First job is to sign up for the Beta program. Link in the play store. Then its free (Premium will give you live traffic and weather). For the Zoe ZE50, go to Tronity.com and sign upl. There's an Android app too. Then Tronity will feed live data to ABRP. Cheers, Colin Begg
  3. That's where the Renault Zoe built-in Satnav wins. I must try not to go where there's no Internet!
  4. I just managed to edit it. Thanks for all your help! Job done. I can now go home from anywhere!
  5. I set it up again and now, they both show. Only problem is it's stored across the road, no 10, not out house no 11 and it won't let me edit it.
  6. It only appears in the car. I've reset to defaults and added home again. I'll find out next time we're out in the car and let you know.
  7. Yes, my home address behind home and our local Asda Supermarket behind work (I'm retired). So you click on the * and get both?
  8. Android Auto is not offering both Home and Work favourites, only work appears. So I can't easily choose to go home!
  9. I'm on the Android Auto version of ABRP with a premium subscription to get weather and traffic too. I'm trying to navigate to 'home' which is defined. When I click the * to access it, I only see 'work'. Where did home go?
  10. Is that the * button?
  11. Is that available on Android Auto? I couldn't see one on the overview screen, just s search button that didn't understand home.
  12. Does ABRP function without an Internet connection? I work with an emergency radio group who often end up going to checkpoints using coordinates and often without an Internet connection. Colin Begg
  13. I'll look for the Android Auto map toggle, must admit I've been looking for something similar and not seen it yet. Colin
  14. Then it's waypoints in having trouble with
  15. How do you switch to the 3D viewing? I've not found out how.
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