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  1. Thanks Jason. I'll measure what my window size is later and report through the linked website. Indeed the auto-zoom functionality would be nice to have, but if I am able to use the zoom-buttons I guess that would be sufficient (for me at least). Pinching to zoom in/out does work, but alas not too well. Being able to change the map heading would however be a great plus.
  2. I'd like to be able to change the map heading. Right now the map is always facing north, would like to be able change that to facing the driving direction. Also, when driving, it would be usefull if the map would auto-zoom in or out (zoom in when driving slow/before turns and zoom out when driving faster). In addition: when using ABRP in my car's headunit's browser (Hyundai Ioniq), the map is displayed in landscape. I can't see (and thus use) the zoom in/out buttons. Is there a way to fix that?

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