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  1. The number of fast DC charging options is growing. In addition to Tesla Super Chargers, I can now charge at Electrify America (CHAdeMO) chargers. Also, Tesla is supposed to be offering a CCS adapter in the near future. If I enable all 3 of these networks in ABRP, how will it chose? If there are different sets of chargers that result in about the same trip duration, will ABRP then consider the the total charging cost for each charger combination? I'm curious, but also a little concerned because I know ABRP hasn't been able to get accurate real-time pricing for Tesla chargers. I always want to minimize my trip time, but if the time is the about the same, I'd rather hit the chargers that minimize my total charging cost for the trip. Prices ABRP has for Tesla Superchargers are usually low, sometimes significantly. This would cause ABRP to recommend Tesla chargers even when other chargers might make for a cheaper trip. Appreciate any thoughts and/or feedback.
  2. I just tried planning the same route and got the same results as you. The Clermont-Ferrand Supercharger is NOT CCS only yet ABRP is treating it as if it is. Appears to be an error in the ABRP data, not Tesla's.
  3. Yes, there is a setting specifically for requesting fewer stops. Click on the Settings gear and then look under "Charging Stops". Slide the slider to the left to get "Fewer stops". See screen shot below. Please note that you do have to have "Detailed" settings turned on. This switch is also visible in the screenshot to the right of the word "Settings":
  4. Are you familiar with TeslaFi? Among many other things, it let's you display a lifetime map of the drives you have made with your Tesla. My map is shown below. I know you can specify a date range and download the data just for that time period, but I do not know if you can do a drive map for a certain date range. If not, you could take a screen shot of your lifetime map then crop it and edit it to exclude the parts you don't want included.
  5. As another model Y driver, thank you for this information. I'm curious about a couple of things: Charging every 100 miles seems low. Do you have the long range Y or the performance? I ask because I have the Y Long Range and the charging stops ABRP recommends average out to about every 150 miles. Also, how did you determine that the AC used 10% of your battery capacity? Can you get that from one of the Tesla screens? Appreciate any additional information . . .
  6. Add a waypoint for Holiday World. Then click on the gear icon next to this stop and specify the wattage of the charger (6kW for Level 2 ?) and how many hours you plan to charge for. Then recalculate. See attached screenshot. I looked at this route and for my car and settings, it said I had to drive below 70 MPH that first leg. But when I reduced my setting for "Charger arrival SoC" from 15% to 5%, I no longer was given a speed limit. You can try lowering this setting and maybe avoid the stop at the L2 charger altogether, assuming your are comfortable pulling your state of charge a little lower (I am).
  7. For some reason, I am unable to to pull up the routes you shared using links. Can you provide a start city and destination city that I can use to play with this and see the behavior (slower max speed resulting in shorter trip times) you're describing?
  8. The only stops the planner adds are stops needed to charge your car. Are you saying there are certain chargers you do not want to stop at? If so, you can click on the name of the charger in the list of stops, then click on "Actions" (gear icon), then choose "Avoid this charger". You may need to re-calculate your route, to see if the planner can get you to your destination while avoiding the charger you wish to avoid. At least that's how it works in the web interface. I'm not aware of any one-click method to accomplish this.
  9. In general, you'd think the SoC would be directly proportional to the useable energy in the battery. But sometimes the car manufacturer "hides" some of the available energy. For example, the Tesla model Y still has over 20 miles of useable driving range even when the battery SoC displays 0%.
  10. I know you can pick a destination in Google Maps and then send it to the Tesla app (which delivers it to your car). I don't believe there is anyway to send a ROUTE to the app or the car. The Tesla navigation app (in the car) is in beta and does not even support trips with waypoints (i.e. you can't ask it for a stop on the way to your final destination) so I'd be surprised if it can import and entire route. Is there a reason you don't just run ABRP in the browser in the car?
  11. Yes, I enter the appropriate number, from my test runs, into ABRP when I am planning a trip. I just got back from a long road trip and the planning results were accurate. My measured figure was 280 and the default number was 277, so very little difference. I think I am going to run some routes in ABRP and see how significantly it changes the routing results.
  12. There is a 10 mile straight, flat stretch of highway near me that I use to to measure my energy per mile. This is a 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range. I get just under 280 Wh/mile unless I have my bike rack and two mountain bikes on the back in which case it takes 320 Wh per mile. If I attach my utility trailer with a golf cart on it, it then takes 625 Wh per mile!
  13. I suspect the developers are reluctant to use data that is not from authoritative sources (no offense). The variation in your values within each of the car classes you list is relatively small. Besides, if someone wants to use a different consumption value than what ABRP offers, it is quick and easy to to enter it. Just my thoughts.
  14. You specified you will charge for 4 hours, but you did not specify the rate (kW). I believe ABRP is just assuming you are stopping for 4 hours but not charging. Try specifying a kW value and see if that helps.
  15. Under the settings for "Battery and Chargers" there is a setting for "Destination Arrival SoC". You may want to review and possibly lower this value.
  16. Thank you @Sofia-ABRP. Problem solved. Apparently it was the URL with embedded route.
  17. I tried creating a new plan on my PC and then restarted the browser as you suggested. The new plan appeared for a few seconds but then it reverted to the old plan. I tried the same thing using the iOS app and the app DID NOT revert to the old plan. If you would, please remove the plan from my settings. The old plan is from zip code 32656 to Asheville, North Carolina, in case you need to know. I do have one or two routes I have intentionally SAVED, but none of those plans are the one that keeps returning in the PC browser (Microsoft Edge). Thank you for your help.
  18. Hi, Every time I load ABRP on my PC, an old route I planned in the past loads. This route is not one of my saved trips/routes. Can anyone tell me how to set this to a different route? The route that loads is one of the very first I created in ABRP if not the very first one. I apologize if this has been answered before. I did search for the answer but did not have any luck. Thanks in advance. Bruce
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