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  1. Thank you @Sofia-ABRP. Problem solved. Apparently it was the URL with embedded route.
  2. I tried creating a new plan on my PC and then restarted the browser as you suggested. The new plan appeared for a few seconds but then it reverted to the old plan. I tried the same thing using the iOS app and the app DID NOT revert to the old plan. If you would, please remove the plan from my settings. The old plan is from zip code 32656 to Asheville, North Carolina, in case you need to know. I do have one or two routes I have intentionally SAVED, but none of those plans are the one that keeps returning in the PC browser (Microsoft Edge). Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, Every time I load ABRP on my PC, an old route I planned in the past loads. This route is not one of my saved trips/routes. Can anyone tell me how to set this to a different route? The route that loads is one of the very first I created in ABRP if not the very first one. I apologize if this has been answered before. I did search for the answer but did not have any luck. Thanks in advance. Bruce
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