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  1. The 're-routing' is the most annoying aspect of the app for us. We have had the same experiences as you, from going past exits only to be told to get off the highway and go back after MILES and also having us get off our route, go through a parking lot and get back on the original route.
  2. The thick white line is where it told us to turn right, took us through the parking area and left and the top. Back to River Road where we were to begin with.
  3. Five hour trip was to East Hampton from Manhattan. We wanted to stop and charge at a SC that was right off the highway. ABRP had us over shoot the exit and continue for miles, exit and get back on in the opposite direction. We actually lost time because of that. Second trip was Manhattan to Edgewater NJ. ABRP actually had us get off the 'main' road and go through a parking area of an office complex, shopping area and turn and get right back on the same road it made us get off. Literally just blocks. Really ridiculous.
  4. New Tesla owner here. This past weekend I did two trips. One was about five hours (round) and the other was about 40 min. On both trips ABRP will take me off the 'main' road and run me through an area and then right back to the main road, instead of keeping on the road in the first place. When travelling to a SC ABRP actually completely ignored the exit and has us go miles out of the way and turn back to the original exit. The onboard navigation in the Tesla so far outshines ABRP as far as my use goes.
  5. Description: Ability to rename a super charger from location to something more useful and to add to trip. Use Case: I want the ability to rename and save a charger location. Right now under settings, you have a 'chargers to avoid' settings. You need to have a 'favorite charger' list. Example: I have a trip saved called 'Chris'. This trip is an hour long and has one super charger location. When I plan the trip I want an option to 'add super charger' from a list of previously saved and renamed locations. In this case 'Chris Super Charger'. This is NOT added as a WAYPOINT but rather is a 'suggested' stop/alert that this charger is on my route. I've tried adding the charger as a 'guide' point but when you try and change the name it changes it to 'Waypoint'. I hope this is all somewhat clear. Thanks. Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!
  6. Genomecop

    Rename cars?

    I'm trying to find where to do this? settings>car model>generic car number>cog wheel>? Thanks
  7. Ok. I think I figured it out and now have my car linked to my ABRP premium account. Can you please just double check. Thanks so much.
  8. Sorry that happened. How do I fix this? Ok. I just deleted the email1 account. I now have logged in with email2 which says its premimum. How do I connect this to my Tesla account/car? Thanks.
  9. I'm trying to log in the app with my Tesla information. i have previously used a different email and password. How do I correct this?
  10. I just watched a video that says I should log in with my Tesla account. I've set my account up with a different email and just changed it in the premium setup. When i go back to the login and enter my Tesla login it says its wrong. How do I correct this? Thanks.
  11. Just received an email so hopefully will straighten out.
  12. Morning all. I just signed up for an account and paid for premium. When I go to settings/charger availability it says I need a premium account for that feature. This only is happening on PC not the App. Ideas/help? Thanks.
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