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  1. Hi @Gfiastre, Could you send us an email via the app? Click the ABRP logo in the top left corner of the app and then click the "Tell us what you think"/feedback button. This will generate an email with some additional information that could help us troubleshoot the issue. /Sofia
  2. Hi @Genomecop, Yes! From what I can see you have successfully managed to add your vehicle to your ABRP account. /Sofia
  3. Hi @Genomecop, I believe you asked a similar question in another post to which I also provided an answer. Your ABRP account cannot be logged in to using your Tesla account. You should use the email address connected to ABRP when logging in to your ABRP account. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking "Forgot your password?" from the login page. There is an option to connect a saved vehicle by logging in to your Tesla account, but this will only help us get live data from your Tesla to ABRP. Note that this will not change the login credentials of your ABRP account. /Sofia
  4. Hi @Gfiastre, In the account settings of the account registered to the same email account as your forum user it appears that your subscription was ended in February of this year. Do you have more than one ABRP account? If so, make sure to be logged in to the correct account to access premium features. /Sofia
  5. Hi @Genomecop, I appears that you have two accounts at the moment. The non premium account has a Tesla vehicle saved to it while the premium account appears empty. Is the issue that you are unable to add your Tesla car and link it via MyTesla to the premium account? Or are you unable to log in to your premium account? /Sofia
  6. Hi @Steve Smallcombe, Yes, the times shown in the table is in the local time zone. However, when specifying both a departure time and date for a waypoint there may be issues. (Only specifying a departure time should work.) We are currently working to make the behavior of time zones more consistent. Saved plans should include departure times. I took a look at your account settings and was able to find a few routes that you had saved which included departure dates and times. If you have created a plan where the departure time is not saved correctly, you are welcome to post it here (or email it to us if you'd prefer) so that we are able to troubleshoot the issue. As for the Kremmling Tesla Supercharger I do believe that it is includes on our map. Is this the charger you are looking for: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=5714403 ? /Sofia
  7. Hi @fredkapp, To setup your Apple Watch you simply have to open the mobile app after starting the Apple Watch app. The setup should be automatic. If it does not work at once, simply restart the mobile app. You can also try re-installing the Apple Watch app if you are unable to setup your watch. /Sofia
  8. Hi @Draco Argentum, Thank you for your suggestion! We will look into adding it as a feature. /Sofia
  9. Hi @Ecurb, As the issue only appears in the browser it may be caused some old URL. When you go to the browser version of ABRP, make sure to go to https://abetterrouteplanner.com/. If the URL ends with a long sequence of characters, such as: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=887cf861-d711-47e3-9048-617964058fd9, it is actually a link to a certain plan. It could be that the plan that you keep reverting to is included in the URL that you are using when visiting ABRP. If the above suggestion does not work, you can try clearing the cookies of your browser. Please let us know if it's still not working. /Sofia
  10. Hi @poki, Thank you for your suggestion! It does makes sense to differentiate between stops when making a round trip. We will take a look at how to incorporate this into the app! /Sofia
  11. HI @MiLe, In your iPhone app go find your account settings by clicking the ABRP logo in the top left corner and then click the button displaying your username. From the account settings panel you can view what your account mail address is. There's also the option to change password which will also create a new password if you haven't created one already. After you have noted your account email address and chosen a password you should be able to log in to ABRP in the browser version. In the next release will will also add the option to log in using a QR-code. /Sofia
  12. Hi @KrisD, Thank you for your suggestion! We understand that adding a duration for a waypoint may be a useful tool when planning longer trips. We will look into adding breaks as a feature. In the meantime you can add a duration to any charging stop. For instance while you stop at a college or for lunch you may want to park at a charger. Click the gear symbol next to the charger in the trip summary and add a time in the "charge for" box. This way you can make the most of your leisure stops as charging stops as well. /Sofia
  13. Hi @Ecurb, Is this problem specific to when you use the web browser on PC or does it happen in the app as well? I it specifically tied to a computer or does it happen in the browser regardless of wht device you are using? The plan that's loaded when you open ABRP should be the latest one you planned. Could you try creating a new plan on your PC (ignore the pre-loaded plan) while you are logged in to your account and then restart the browser to see whether the old plan is loaded once again? If you are not able to remove the plan from your account we can remove the plan from your settings. Please let us know if none of the other fixes worked and we will try resetting your default plan. /Sofia
  14. HI @Salava, Yes, I think that would be the best way to account for that travel. The number in parenthesis should indicate the number of days between arriving at and leaving a certain waypoint. However the feature is not working correctly at the moment and we are working to solve the issue. Please note that by default the planner will not use a specific departure date/time for waypoints unless the user has specified such a date/time. When you go into the waypoint's setting the current date and time will be displayed as a placeholder but will not be considered when creating a plan. When the user has specified a date/time the box will display a blue outline. Compare the date and time boxes in the screenshot below where the time has been set (blue outline) but the date has not (grayed out text): If you find any quirks or weird behavior you are welcome to post them in the Bugs forum 🙂 /Sofia
  15. Hi @sjg, The plan without waypoint now presents the most direct way through London. Are you still having the same issue? The web app has been updated since you originally posted about this bug, perhaps an update solved the issue? Let us know if the issue persists, /Sofia
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