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  1. Hi Jason the temperatures now appears correctly in the live data. Thank you for your work.
  2. In that menu, I see a bunch of identical green icons with label "[xxyyzz] Normal PID" and the one: 001_Outdoor Temperature PID:220100 Min/Max:-50.0/50.0 Equation: (G/2)-40 Unit:degC
  3. speaking of live-data, are short distances of any value to you ? My commute distance is less than 10 km. My car is parked underground on both ends and exiting the building is a significant part of the power drain on such a small trip. (level -2 and -1) Another problem is that i have a lot of covered road (large bridge, tunnel) on my way and the GPS speed indication is probably wrong 10% of the time. (and I still searching the car internal speed value. "obd speed" not doing anything on my car.) I have a 600km round trip every month or so and will make sure to have Torque running. But for commuting ?
  4. Hi jason Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the new file and did the whole setup again in Torque (pretty quick). I now have the new outdoor and indoor temperature values. I added them to Torque real-time display and both are displayed accurately on my phone. However, temperature is still empty when i use abrp "view live data". Can it be a problem with my Torque setup? I followed your instruction and changed two other settings I deemed appropriate for my configuration (Galaxy S7 and obdlink Lx bluetooth dongle). In Torque setup, i enabled "Ne pas calculer les consommations" (do not compute fuel consumption ?). I also activated the "faster communication" option for bluetooth.
  5. Hello all I am a new ABRP user and a new EV driver. I found ABRP is a really good application to have and would like to contribute. So I bought a OBDLink LX dongle and added Torque to my Galaxy S7 phone. Now i need some clarification with the instructions I found in the ABRP settings menu for live car connection : 1) I downloaded the CSV file and added the PID but I did not found one "001_Outdoor Temperature". I looked the whole list in case in wasn't sorted alphabetically. 2) the web server URL is "http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/soul30". But in another thread, I saw it is actually "http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/kona64". (i did indicate my car model before using the setup menu) I just wanted to make sure that the temperature missing is normal for my model And again, thank you for this great tool.
  6. XavDoug

    ABRP on my Kona64

    Hello I received my OBDLink dongle today and tried to set it up, but i was getting error message and abrp was resetting my car model to Tesla, instead of Kona. the setup screen told me to use http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/soul30 and i think this is an error I changed the url end to kona64, but i thought you would like to know
  7. My planned trip was in France, 78400 Chatou to 49100 Angers, with 2 passengers. In real life, with a ~50 km/h head-on wind , I used approximately 40% of battery load every 100km at 130km/h (or 26.5kwh/100km). I started at 100%, down to 19% at LeMans, added 38%, then down to 19% at Angers. The Charger was "Réseau Corri-Door | Intermarché Le Mans" and the bill was 8 euros.
  8. Hello. I just verified the planner on a trip I made and the results are consistant with my past experience . There is a problem anyways: the planned version tell me to spend 20 minutes at a fast charger to get my battery level from 66% to 89%. This is not possible because fast charging will be slower at higher battery level. Last time I made the trip with the same speed (130km/h on the highway), I made the first 200km, then use a 44kwh charger to gain 38% (19% to 57%) in about 35 minutes. The charge speed was nominal during the whole time. Hyundai document say high speed charge is disabled after 80% and from other sources (like above) it slows down even before that. My planned trip was in France, 78400 Chatou to 49100 Angers. (the charger I used was "Réseau Corri-Door | Intermarché Le Mans"). Arrival Charge Depart Charge Charge Duration Duration Drive Distance Total Duration Montesson 90% 01:02 77 km Aire de Chartres Gasville [Ionity] 66% 89% 00:20 01:43 213 km 10 Boulevard Pierre Bessonneau 10% 214 Wh/km 00:20* 02:46* 290 km* 03:07*

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