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  1. Hi john glad to hear that you have found your way in Torque. The best way is probably to follow the instructions on ABRP site when you complete your information. It gives a lot of information and the link to download the PID list. Regarding Torque and its profile, at first I thought that it was not needed since I use it only on my Kona. But later on, I finally created a profile because the app seems to prefer it that way. Sometimes the app was refering to information from the profile and I was not sure that there was such thing as a default profile. Not sure if that did any differences.
  2. Hello I just returned from a two-ways trips from ~Paris to Angers. I started Torque and again forgot to immediately disable power saving on the way back. But my problem here is that i can't find any logs. The Phone Torqueloads directory is nowhere to be found, even if logs are still activated. Is anyone aware of this problems ? was there a change in torque ?
  3. Hello. I downloaded the updated CSV file and reconfigured Torque. It displays ea9e51 for State of Health and ec3d7f for Fast_Charging (was e9840a and ec3d7f previously) I will use Torque tonight for commuting but this is only a 8 km trip. My battery level is high at the moment and I don't think i will need a charge before 2 weeks or so. Thank you for the update. I will provide new logs if I remember to switch off the phone battery saving feature next month. PS: i did not change the "user email address" and webserver address in Probe this time. I think there is a new email value every time I look at the setup procedure but the one I got is fairly new. Is that ok ?
  4. Hi all I've recently done a trip from Chatou to Angers and back, so about 2 x 300 km. I am mortified to say that I am apparently an absent-minded fool who forgot to disable the power saving feature each time. I blame Samsung on not disabling this feature when the phone is hooked up to the car with an USB cable. However, on this trip i used Ionity chargers for the first time. The charging data are ok and I attached the logs. may 31th, i started just below 50% and the car did not used the top speed: in 45 min, SOC was up to 86% or so. June 3rd, I charged from ~32% to 95% (displayed) and the Ionity station provided 75kW/h for the first part of the operation. Weather was fine and there was no winds on both occasion. I decided to run at top legal speed (130km/h, 134 displayed) and take avantage of my new ChargeNow badge to test Ionity. In its logs, the car reported 305km with 194 Wh/km and 294km with 189 Wh/km. (speed limits are 130km/h for 200km, 110km/h for maybe 50km then mostly 70km/h) I don't think the ABRP_Fast_Charging is valid: i do not remember it being anything else than null, even during the charge on Ionity station. And i am not sure about the "Max Deterioration" value either. Thank you for APRB. Hope this help. Probe Logs.7z
  5. I think i can now answer my own question: there is an issue if you try logging with the Samsung/Android power saving mode enabled. After 30 min or so using Android Auto, the power saving stops the GPS and the GPS data are subsequently frozen. (not updating any more) => In conclusion: always disable power saving ! For the return trip, i disabled the galaxy S7 power saving and the log seems OK (GPS part anyway, april 22th). Additionnal info: weather was good with no wind to speak of and only a light rain once. Temperature around 18°C. About 300, maybe 310 km, with a self-imposed speed restriction to 110 km/h (displayed). started with a full charge, ended at 32%. (average 14.5 kW) On friday, I arrived with battery at 31% and i thought it was because of a rear wind (maybe 15kW/h) but I did not notice any wind on Monday. I was really surprised because I ended at 22% for the same trip with the same conditions in february. (except temperature)
  6. Hello I think i've got an issue on my Galaxy S 7 and Waze. I made a 300 km trip friday 19 april and i was using Waze to avoid trafic congestion to no avail since Waze was frozen after only 20km or so. I close it but the problem was actually with the phone GPS. Looking in Torque Log later on, it seems that it was actually the phone GPS data that were stuck. (speed and coordonate were frozen on same value). Is that a known issue on Galaxy ? or is it Waze ?? I was using Android Auto to start Waze and after 30 minutes or so, waze map was not moving any more on my car display. Actually we were exiting a 10km long tunnel, so the display was stuck for a while. It start moving again then froze.
  7. Hi Jason the temperatures now appears correctly in the live data. Thank you for your work.
  8. In that menu, I see a bunch of identical green icons with label "[xxyyzz] Normal PID" and the one: 001_Outdoor Temperature PID:220100 Min/Max:-50.0/50.0 Equation: (G/2)-40 Unit:degC
  9. speaking of live-data, are short distances of any value to you ? My commute distance is less than 10 km. My car is parked underground on both ends and exiting the building is a significant part of the power drain on such a small trip. (level -2 and -1) Another problem is that i have a lot of covered road (large bridge, tunnel) on my way and the GPS speed indication is probably wrong 10% of the time. (and I still searching the car internal speed value. "obd speed" not doing anything on my car.) I have a 600km round trip every month or so and will make sure to have Torque running. But for commuting ?
  10. Hi jason Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the new file and did the whole setup again in Torque (pretty quick). I now have the new outdoor and indoor temperature values. I added them to Torque real-time display and both are displayed accurately on my phone. However, temperature is still empty when i use abrp "view live data". Can it be a problem with my Torque setup? I followed your instruction and changed two other settings I deemed appropriate for my configuration (Galaxy S7 and obdlink Lx bluetooth dongle). In Torque setup, i enabled "Ne pas calculer les consommations" (do not compute fuel consumption ?). I also activated the "faster communication" option for bluetooth.
  11. Hello all I am a new ABRP user and a new EV driver. I found ABRP is a really good application to have and would like to contribute. So I bought a OBDLink LX dongle and added Torque to my Galaxy S7 phone. Now i need some clarification with the instructions I found in the ABRP settings menu for live car connection : 1) I downloaded the CSV file and added the PID but I did not found one "001_Outdoor Temperature". I looked the whole list in case in wasn't sorted alphabetically. 2) the web server URL is "http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/soul30". But in another thread, I saw it is actually "http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/kona64". (i did indicate my car model before using the setup menu) I just wanted to make sure that the temperature missing is normal for my model And again, thank you for this great tool.
  12. XavDoug

    ABRP on my Kona64

    Hello I received my OBDLink dongle today and tried to set it up, but i was getting error message and abrp was resetting my car model to Tesla, instead of Kona. the setup screen told me to use http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/soul30 and i think this is an error I changed the url end to kona64, but i thought you would like to know
  13. My planned trip was in France, 78400 Chatou to 49100 Angers, with 2 passengers. In real life, with a ~50 km/h head-on wind , I used approximately 40% of battery load every 100km at 130km/h (or 26.5kwh/100km). I started at 100%, down to 19% at LeMans, added 38%, then down to 19% at Angers. The Charger was "Réseau Corri-Door | Intermarché Le Mans" and the bill was 8 euros.
  14. Hello. I just verified the planner on a trip I made and the results are consistant with my past experience . There is a problem anyways: the planned version tell me to spend 20 minutes at a fast charger to get my battery level from 66% to 89%. This is not possible because fast charging will be slower at higher battery level. Last time I made the trip with the same speed (130km/h on the highway), I made the first 200km, then use a 44kwh charger to gain 38% (19% to 57%) in about 35 minutes. The charge speed was nominal during the whole time. Hyundai document say high speed charge is disabled after 80% and from other sources (like above) it slows down even before that. My planned trip was in France, 78400 Chatou to 49100 Angers. (the charger I used was "Réseau Corri-Door | Intermarché Le Mans"). Arrival Charge Depart Charge Charge Duration Duration Drive Distance Total Duration Montesson 90% 01:02 77 km Aire de Chartres Gasville [Ionity] 66% 89% 00:20 01:43 213 km 10 Boulevard Pierre Bessonneau 10% 214 Wh/km 00:20* 02:46* 290 km* 03:07*

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