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  1. Byron

    40kWh LEAF

    Does this planner take into account the rapid gate problem with leaf after 3 charge.? My 500km route seem fast at 6hr50. I did it in 8hr 25.
  2. Hi all I want to know if I play with the weight and the wind configurations will this make the route planner better. I want to know does the route planner allow for one driver’s weight or do I have to add 130 kg plus adjust the battery degradation to 5%,plus add in the headwind. I want to know is this vital to it working correctly or does it not matter so much thank you . B
  3. Should I mess with the settings like change the 110 kph to 200wper km. should I ad 130kg if I’m that weight. What wind will I buy in? Is the base settings reliable?

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