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  1. I've also just discovered that ABRP's map display does not include Interstate Numbers. Having to pull up another map application to confirm Interstate Numbers is very tedious!
  2. I am also new to ABRP and have the same experience. The route I sent to my Tesla Nav terminates at the first Supercharger stop. How do I access the remainder of the trip from my Tesla Nav?
  3. Thank you again for your quick reply. Just a comment that I was using the web ui version 4.04..44 and not see anything about setting guide points.
  4. Thank you - guide points seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. I'm using version 4.0.44 and don't see anything about guide points in the release notes (or the UI) - what is the version that offers them? Also - I'm very new to ABRP and have found a few YouTube "how-to" videos - but no reference guide. Does one exist? If not, what is the best way to learn the capabilities of this wonderful tool?
  5. Thank you - adding additional waypoints worked.
  6. I would like to override the trip planner's default route to include a specific (scenic) highway. ABRP recognizes the beginning and end points, but calculates a different route than the one I'd like to take. Is there anyway override ABRP's default routing?
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