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  1. Hi Katya, since the last Update of the Android EVNotify the enyaq models have it own Profile. Now I miss the EVNotify Option in ABRP Enyaq Profile available. Can you please fix or add this in the next versions? thx Habib
  2. I‘ve the same issue when I use ABRP with carplay. I think that is only if you enable realtime traffic rerouting and I think the display jumps everytime to the next traffic jam around the own position… I hope it will be fixed in the next versions… everytime when a new bugfix version is released I‘m looking for this fix, but…😢
  3. And I have a second question. Will we get a two finger pinch feature for the map or is this not planed?
  4. Hi, I used ABRP Carplay now the last two days and what I want to know is, why is ABRP every 2 minutes or so recenter the Map? It seems there is some traffic jam in front of us and it adjust to that point and goes imidiatly back to us and recenter the map. Is that a bug or feature?
  5. I requested it now…
  6. Why is the livetrack with evnotify only available if I choose ID4 77Kwh instead of Enyaq 80? It doesn‘t make sense, because they‘re so similar… but it works…
  7. Yes... you will have it the connection to e.g. tesla would work... in my case it doesn't works
  8. Hi, I'm a fresh premium user and I lend me for my vacation today an tesla model 3. Now I want to connect my Tesla Login with the new added car in abrp but the login didn't works anymore. I've done that 2 weeks ago with another M3 Model and that had works. I searched in this forum and found many posts with that issue, but in every thread was only described how it works normaly but no solution if not.... What can I do now? waiting and hoping?
  9. What is if it doesn't works? I get already the error message that something is wrong with email or password....
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