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  1. Thank you for your reply. Those settings work. Since I posted the original question, I've had a fair amount of additional planning time. So I've figured out some more ways to use the app. I have a couple additional questions. If I have a multi-day stay at a intermediate destination, but I do significant travel around that location, what is the best way to account for that travel? I seems that you create an arrival waypoint to the lodging, the intermediate travel, then a departure waypoint from the same location. Is that correct? In the detailed list of the route, sometimes there is a number in parenthesis after the departure time. Sometimes it seems to indicate departure day from arrival. But sometimes is doesn't make sense. I've tried to fix it by entering dates in all the waypoints and charge stops, but it is still off (one waypoint has (+31)). This seems to be that unless you specify a date. The app puts the current date instead of a date related to the previous waypoint or charging stop. So it seems I must edit every waypoint and charge stop, instead of having the app entering something reasonable. even then it still is off sometimes. I have other quirks I've noticed. Should I post them in the Suggestions forum?
  2. TomTomZoe, I tried the settings you proposed. It did not have the effect I was looking for. When I set the Charger Max SoC to 85%, the plan was worse. On a leg from Medford, Oregon to Red Bluff, California, to passed two SCs and depleted down to 10% Arrival SoC at Red Bluff, and limited speed to 65 MPH max. This could be just a quirk, but not a good plan. I'll play with the other setting. gnuarm: I think you are correct. Charger Arrival SoC may do more of what I want. I'm also not comfortable only charging enough to get to the next charger. That doesn't leave any room for unexpected energy usage. Like you always want a some reserve fuel. Samuel-ARBP: Given that ABRP is calculating for shortest overall travel time, I think the planner is much too conservative on the Charger Departure SoC, leaving chargers at a lower SoC that I would like. It seems to be assuming a too conservative a drop off Rate of charge as the battery charge increases. I would like to see a Charger Departure Min. SoC. Sort of like I always want to fill my tank instead of only filling it enough to get to the last station I could reach. BTW, The web interface has a lot of quirks, also. 1) When I login and start using it again, it has remembers and plots a route that wasn't the last one I was using with I logged off. And the map keep going back to it if a switch to a another tab and back. I have to recalculate the whole route again. 2) When I switch between the waypoint list and the detailed plot, it always must recalculate. 3) The active route name is not displayed on the Waypoint list or plan details. So I don't always know which plan to resave it to and the list of plans doesn't always help. This is only a partial list for me.
  3. I am a new user of ABRP so I'm still learning the idiosyncrasies of the web app. (And I am finding a few) I imagine this has been asked before, but I can't find it. When I plan a route, ABRP calculates how long to charge at each charging stop. But I find that it seems to minimize the charging time. This means it says to leave a charger with less charge than I would prefer or expect. For example, if I plan a route from Phoenix, Arizona, to San Diego California, ABRP says to depart from the chargers with 49% to 65% SoC. I know I can set individual stops to specify the TILL SoC. but how do I tell ABRP to start calculate with charge to say 85%? I would rather start a leg with a higher SoC. Like always filling the tank on an ICE car. I find that I can eliminate some charge stops if I plan that way. (Of course this means the ones left take longer.)
  4. I'm planning a trip to several National Parks in the West, Oregon, California, Grand Canyon and others. There are several destinations where I will stay multiple days. I started with two routes, one to the Grand Canyon and one returning home from Grand Canyon. I created waypoints for the intermediate parks along the route but It seems the only way to incorporate the multi day stays is to create separate routes for each leg. I think I know the answer to this but since I'm a new user to ABRP I would appreciate feedback from more experienced users. Thanks!
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