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  1. Thank you for your reply. Those settings work. Since I posted the original question, I've had a fair amount of additional planning time. So I've figured out some more ways to use the app. I have a couple additional questions. If I have a multi-day stay at a intermediate destination, but I do significant travel around that location, what is the best way to account for that travel? I seems that you create an arrival waypoint to the lodging, the intermediate travel, then a departure waypoint from the same location. Is that correct? In the detailed list of the route, sometimes there is a
  2. TomTomZoe, I tried the settings you proposed. It did not have the effect I was looking for. When I set the Charger Max SoC to 85%, the plan was worse. On a leg from Medford, Oregon to Red Bluff, California, to passed two SCs and depleted down to 10% Arrival SoC at Red Bluff, and limited speed to 65 MPH max. This could be just a quirk, but not a good plan. I'll play with the other setting. gnuarm: I think you are correct. Charger Arrival SoC may do more of what I want. I'm also not comfortable only charging enough to get to the next charger. That doesn't leave any room for unexpected energ
  3. I am a new user of ABRP so I'm still learning the idiosyncrasies of the web app. (And I am finding a few) I imagine this has been asked before, but I can't find it. When I plan a route, ABRP calculates how long to charge at each charging stop. But I find that it seems to minimize the charging time. This means it says to leave a charger with less charge than I would prefer or expect. For example, if I plan a route from Phoenix, Arizona, to San Diego California, ABRP says to depart from the chargers with 49% to 65% SoC. I know I can set individual stops to specify the TILL SoC. but how do I
  4. I'm planning a trip to several National Parks in the West, Oregon, California, Grand Canyon and others. There are several destinations where I will stay multiple days. I started with two routes, one to the Grand Canyon and one returning home from Grand Canyon. I created waypoints for the intermediate parks along the route but It seems the only way to incorporate the multi day stays is to create separate routes for each leg. I think I know the answer to this but since I'm a new user to ABRP I would appreciate feedback from more experienced users. Thanks!
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