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  1. Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate your help. Yes it is a mg zs ev and yes to the latest pids from the lnk you put. So will just have to deduct 10 off the figure as do not know how to do what you put above. Thank you again Simon
  2. I have the app tourqe pro that integrates car and better rout planner. Tourqe pro is correct present state of car charge. A better route planner say state of charge 10 percent more. This is incorrect as the tourqe pro tallys with car so it must be right. How do I get a better rout planer showing correct range. Thanks you for any help
  3. I am really struggling have got torque pro. But spent all afternoon and still not suceded in try to get the pid in to the torque pro app. To me it seems impossible could not extract the pid to start with and can not find the folder on torque Pro app to even put then in on Huawei phone or tablet have enable hidden folders but can not find it totally stuck and tottaly dispondant
  4. Can you help me whith a few questions please. Mg zs ev Do you need to paid version to import car data to a better route planer pleaser. It say tourqe app is that the standard or pro version and how complicated is it to get it all up and running please. Thank you for your help
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