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  1. works fine indeed, but if one changes some parameters and recalculate the hotel hours are included in the trip time while the first attempt it is not. I need to delete the stop and reinstall the hotel after x hours of driving. if trip time = time in the car or charging CCS, then this is a bug.
  2. I tried again : sending the route to google maps seems to work only when disconnected from AA. Reconnecting with AA makes it work on the screen.
  3. Hello, Version ABRP runs in AA but doesn't show in the carscreen. I can't find the app in the AA playstore (Belgium ... even AA wasn't available in the playstore) though. => I can't prepare the route and copy to google maps for use in AA anymore.How do I get this functionality back, OR even better how can I get ABRP in the AA in a Hyundai Ionic 38kWh intuitive ? Thanks in advance, Johan
  4. jca

    abrp Android auto

    No premium, but i cannot (no longer) share / send route with / to Google maps. Abrp mentionnés connections with Android auto, but doesn't show on thé screen in the car. Can i go black to previous version? Ioniq 38 intuitive
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