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  1. Another question... When I reset the consumption, it stays on 96 Wh/km. Why doesn't it change to the default value for my i3? Before using Mi3, it used to be 179 Wh/km, if I remember correctly.
  2. ABRP and Mi3 are running on my phone, I sometimes use it also for calls or playing podcasts. But as I said, the SoC is being updated live with no problems. Does this mean that only some data are transferred between the apps, not all that are necessary?
  3. I am using Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth and it is working perfectly. I see the data in Mi3 and also ABRP shows the correct current SoC when I am driving. And I thought that both sources can be connected at the same time, since they are not providing the same data for my i3, according to this: Live Data Comparison - A Better Routeplanner.
  4. My ABRP is connected to Tronity and to Mi3. How is the reference consumption calculated? Some time ago there was a problem with the data on the BMW servers, so my consumption was completely wrong. I clicked Reset consumption, but I still see 96 Wh/km (it should be more around 180 Wh/km). I can not reset it. And I always see that ABRP is connected to Mi3. Is it also connected to Tronity or only to Mi3? Thank you.
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