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  1. In the Preferences the entry which should read "Show chargers" instead reads "Slow chargers". Also in the dialog box where the user can set at which level chargers should be displayed. Dutch and French versions have the same issue. Both in the app ( (403) and in the website
  2. Description: If I enter the itinerary below in the app and I enter 58 as the Departure SoC then ABRP makes me first drive to a charging station. If I enter 100 as the Departure SoC, start navigating and then change de SoC from 100 to 58, then ABRP does not make drive to the charging station. Type: app version (403) Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=6f37c0f0-5a66-4a2d-94a4-56bce514d638 Replication Steps: User: Enter the destinations User: Enter 58 as the Departure SoC in the starting point User: Start navigating
  3. Description: Home and Work are currently the only two locations that one can pick based on their name. Recently navigated-to-locations are in the list, but only with their address or with their meaningless GPS-coordinates. It is possible to PushPin locations in this list, but it would be great if one could rename these PushPinned locations. Use Case: User: Start creating an itinerary ABRP: display 'Starting Point' and 'Destination' controls User: Hit 'Starting Point' ABRP: Display UI to enter address; list My postion, Home and Work under the TextEdit control. List Pu
  4. It is already possible to 'pushpin' places that you already navigated to. Go to the screen where you can enter the address you want to navigate to. Below Home and Work you should see a history of recently navigated to places. Right next to every entry there is a WasteBasket and a PushPin. PushPinned entries remain in the list at the top, below Home and Work. I hope in the future it will be possible to rename PushPinned entries to something like "Auntie Jane" or "Country cottage" instead of an address or some meaningless GPS-coordinates.
  5. Description: Not sure if this should be a feature request or a bug report… I have cleared Google Maps as default app for addresses and now my phone asks me which app I want to use when I hit an address-link. ABRP is not one of the options. Use Case: User: Hit an address-link on my Android-phone Phone: display list of navigation apps - include ABRP User: select ABRP Phone: launch ABRP and create a route to the address
  6. when creating topic I forgot to turn on 'Follow topic' - had to reply in order to be able to turn it on 😕
  7. Description: I had created an account in the app (version (403)) on Android (Android 11). When tried to log in with my displayname/password of my app-account it was not accepted (also tried e-mailaddress/password). I had to create a new account in the browser. I used exactly the same displayname and e-mailaddress as in the app-account and the webpage-account was created. Type: Was this on the App (please note what version), or webpage (which link?) Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication
  8. Description: Right now when I plan a route the 'Departure SoC' is 100% in my settings. Also when I replan a route when I am on my way and I do not modify the value of 'Departure SoC' ABRP starts navigating with an SoC of 100%. I would prefer that the value of 'Departure SoC' is the last known value of SoC. So if SoC is e.g. 78 and I replan my route the value should still be 78. If for some reason this is not possible to implement a good alternative would be to be able to drag the SoC slider. Right now it is only possible to touch the '-'button or the '+'button to modify the S
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