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  1. I've tried to use the entire catalog of methods to send data to ABRP, to no avail. I have a 2017 Chevy Bolt, I'm a premium member, a beta program user, and I've followed all of the steps you provided for each method. The live SOC isn't working, whether I use TorquePro, EVNotify or even AutoPi. What do you recommend I do?
  2. Replacing the end of the URL with /send caused the website to complain that it had an unauthorized key. 1 If I append the new key to the end, it gives me this error. 2
  3. Well, let's see. In the past week I have tried using Torque Pro and EVNotify. Neither one is updating ABRP. I reconfigured everything last night, to test it on my way to work. It seemed to be OK, up until I stopped driving, and turned off the car for a stop. When I got back in my car, to finish the drive, ABRP said that the SOC was 90%. Mind you, ABRP was originally stating that I would arrive at work with 58% left.
  4. I noticed the other day that the Torque Pro integration is broken. The website that was configured for the incremental upload, now has a placeholder. As if the website was not paid for. I pay for ABRP Premium, and I rely on the Live Data capability. I have also tried EVnotify, also without luck. The app pulls my ODB2 data, but the Live data integration seems to be broken. Is autopi working correctly with the Bolt, or, is it also broken?
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