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  1. Description: Supercharger is not selected when you perform "Share -> Send to Tesla" Type: Web version: ABRP 4.0.43 - https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=961e48cd-4a77-4727-8806-7243310843fe Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Replication - create any route Steps - create any route where a tesla supercharger is the next stop then "Share" then select "Send To Tesla" If will say "Destination sent" then check your Tesla navigation it will select a point on the map right next to the Supercharger and not the supercharger itself. Impact - not having the actual tesla supercharger in the navigation we lose the ability to Preconditioning the battery for supercharging. Work-a-round - I have to search the map and select the Tesla supercharger myself (easy at the start, less easy in the middle of a long trip). Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  2. The video on YT was old and the newer version you simply use the "Share" icon and once your car is linked it will send to Tesla. I thought about premium but if a topic this easy goes this long with no response maybe the product is dying.
  3. Hello Team, I have ABR with 14 day premium enabled and I have planned a trip, how do I send my ABR data to Tesla Nav for supercharger pre-conditions etc? I saw a video where the "Table" and it had a button "Tesla Nav" but I do not see that button and not sure how to enabled it.
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