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  1. One other component you commented on is the extra time. I can only speak for myself, but with two adults and 3 boys in the car a Bio Break, takes a minimum of 30 minutes, and with decisions over snacks etc. can easily take 45 min. We are probably slower than average, and certainly if it is just me on a long hard drive, I take much faster breaks, but... wit the EV you do these things while you charge, vs the ICE process of take care of the people, then take care of the car. Depending on your situation, the "extra" time to charge is not nearly as bad as it seems. If you time for the trip already included these stops, then some of the charge time will just be those breaks. If the time was just pure drive time, then you would need to add some time for gas and Bio anyway, so again the charge time is not as bad as it first appears. AS for the price, well see the other posts, but even at the EA chargers you still need to consider you mix of long high way trips vs. urban driving. If you are buying an EV for primarily long distance trips you might want to be looking to spend the cash on a Tesla.... Just saying. But if it is mostly for commuting with the occasional LD trip, well even at EA rates you will be saving vs. ICE (over the year) Cheers,

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