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    Thanks! I am using the app to go from Chicago to Oregon. Started late last night. So far very nice and it appears the app is learning as it gets more data from my car. The very last leg of the trip will be most interesting to see as that is the longest stretch without any fast or slow charger along the shorter route.
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    Makes complete sense. Thanks! Slowly figuring out the various features. Still trying to figure out what test drive does and how it is useful. Thanks again for the help.
  3. BOBMS90D


    What does the (+1) indicate next to the Shelby SC. I see it on some others as well. Thanks.
  4. BOBMS90D


    Hi Katya, Thanks! Was able to link my car and create a trip plan. Wondering what the blue legs vs orange legs of the trip indicate. Thanks again!
  5. BOBMS90D


    Is there an overview on how to use the app. I have no idea what Test Drive is, how do I link my car to the app, what is overhead time, and so many more. Thanks.
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