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  1. There was a fix in Leaf Spy Pro few days ago regarding ABRP server messages.
  2. Ist mir nie bewusst aufgefallen, aber stimmt. Der Grund ist vermutlich auch einfach: Die App nutzt Google Maps, die können das. Im Browser ist das ein anderer Kartendienst und der kann das nicht. Eine Option dazu gibt es auch nicht. Das müsste das ABRP-Team hinzufügen, falls es überhaupt geht. Maybe there is an option to enable road numbers within the API of the map service used in the browser?
  3. Well, how to say: If you choose anything as "avoid on route", it becomes grey in the window. Just another grey beside the default grey. So which one means "avoid"? Hard to tell if you reopen the menu. Please, can you use somewhat more understandable than just grey and another grey to toggle buttons? Something like a nice red/green indicator circle right before the text? Or those old school checkmarks anybody could understand immediately? Or just the same slider buttons as used elsewhere.
  4. Just click on the route in the map. This will open a view with the data you want.
  5. @Jason (ABRP) Same as https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/1542-editing-a-saved-plans-name-problem @Jason (ABRP)
  6. Ok. But Google & Co won't scan your release notes insite the app. But the blog should be scanned and become part of their search.
  7. Is there any reason why all those updates of new ABRP and app are no longer listed in the blog? And wouldn't be the blog a good place to list all the features of the premium version?
  8. Thanks. Good news: after changing a new in classic UI it is visible as this new name in new UI. (Due to I have to use classic to edit names)
  9. Wow, that's bad: after several logout/logins on desktop and cache clearing in the app the saved plannes are synched now but some are gone: all that were just visible on the desktop system but not within the app are gone now. Btw: classic UI always shows updates changes route names of other devices but the new UI and app don't.
  10. Now I have completely different saved planes on 2 desktops and the ABRP app. Even logout and login again doesn't sync them now.
  11. I am using the new UI now for weeks. At beginning I went back to classic many times. But after some time I found more and more of the features in the new UI style. But that's the major reason (for me) what I am missing or why I has to many problems with the new UI style: Everything is "hidden" in sub menus or sub sub menus. On the other hand there is this large are that is completely useless: the map. I thing this side bar style is a step in the wrong direction for usability on a desktop (where most people start their route planning): You have this small side bar, for everything you have to scroll and open sub menus. And during that part the large map area (which is about 3/4 of the screen) is useless. For example if you want to fine tune your car settings, like the max speed, which I like to configure different for most routes or want to see if a slower speed is an option. With the classic style is was part of the planing, just open the more details part. With the new style you have to open the car settings and there open the speed sub menu. Not that it is inside this deep menu structure. Due to the design style with the buttons at the bottom (settings, save, and that) visiting the "settings" part is some big step in my brain: I have to leaf the planning to open the settings part. Normally I visit settings in apps (or web sited) once when I visit the site the first time, but later really rare. But for ABRP planning I have to visit the settings for route planning and fine tuning. And still, all this 3/4 area for a map is not used for settings but for a map that isn't needed at that part. Even if I increase the size of the side bar, it is still a long list that requires scrolling. So the more space is not used for a better layout like 2 columns. And at a more or less unclean point the side bar jumps to the right site. Generally a good idea, however, everytime I am surprised at the first moment. Hopefully you can extract any ideas out of my description. This are just my thoughts of the current new UI style. Keep on with your create work! Thanks!
  12. Just those: [bugsnag] Event not sent due to onError callback bugsnag.js:1733:23 TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. Animated: `useNativeDriver` is not supported because the native animated module is missing. Falling back to JS-based animation. To resolve this, add `RCTAnimation` module to this app, or remove `useNativeDriver`. More info: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/11094#issuecomment-263240420
  13. I saved several new planes on one desktop system. But I couldn't see them on a 2nd system or within the app. After logout/login I could see them. That's "new".
  14. Same issue like this: Conclusion: you have to add a new car, then you get this link - but only once. Then it's gone.
  15. Thanks, optical issue fixed. But original report of this post still not fixed... so I can't modify names of saved planed.
  16. I found another thing, see the attached screenshot. I think this is part of the multiline issue, but the two arrow buttons are in the input field not at its right end. Btw: Original report still not fixed.
  17. It this the intended behaviour? It is logical behaviour? I started with a new route by removing all entries and the first to "home". The "current location" is still the 2nd entry, no chance to remove it. Next step I clicked the map and added this. Then pressed the "calc route" (old play) button. And it created a route from home to that point and then a continued route to my current location. So if I want to configure a route to a location on the map I have to return back to the planner. Otherwise it will create a route there and back to my current location. Generally spocken, this "calc route" button on any place is still confusing or surprising me. (btw. noticed that you fixed my report that when loading a saved plan the back button now returns to the edit mode, thanks!)
  18. While driving, I wanted to have the chart as large as possible. So I slided the route & chart part as high as possible on the screen (which is far not high enough as I don't need the map). However, every time a replanning was done (automatically as I had to use another route), this slider moved down again to it's default & start location, so I had to slide it back - while driving, not a good idea.
  19. During route planning but also while charging ABRP shows the planned start and target percentage. I assue internally ABRP knows how many kWh has to be charged. Would it be possible to show the planned amount of charged kWh so one could estimate the price using his charging card? Example output: 23% - 83% (20 kWh)
  20. First: if charger details is opened and pressing the link to visit charger home page, this does not open a new tab, it replaces ABRP. Second: when pressing the browser back button, it crashes Firefox. Of course, this is a Firefox issue. However, opening the charger home page in the same tab isn't so nice at all. Same can be done just be entering a different URL in the address bar and then press the browser's back button to return to ABRP.
  21. The new UI (current state?) is poorly slow in Firefox, especially scrolling and zooming the map can't be used, less than 3fps. Old (classic) UI fast very very fast. Firefox runtime analysis shows many style, layout, DOM events and HTML parsing even when nothing is done. This analysis created a 32 MB json file, don't know what it can tell you... For me it looks like this happens when you loaded several saved plans with different routes in the same session.
  22. While editing a saved planes name at the beginnging (or in between) cursor jumps to the end after each presses key. Example: I had "funny" <div> and </div> tags in old plan names (start and end). So I pressed the "pos 1" key to reach the start and pressed delete. The first character was removed but the cursor jumped to the end. If I use the mouse to set cursor position right behind the "<div>" and press backspace sevaral times, well, things get ugly of course. And modifying a word in the middle of the plan's name isn't possible that way... type a character, cursor jumps to end, move it back, type another, cursor again at the end, .... And because you have to know the clicking outside the window will cancel the window (cancel button would be fine...), most people don't know how to undo this without correcting the name manually.
  23. The new table view of a planned route it a good step forward, thanks. But I'm missing the max speed as a column, especially when planner is allowed to reduce speed for a faster trip. Another thing is the size of the table: on a small (notebook) screen, left half of the table is behind the left navigation are.
  24. Example of this confusing navigation: you load a saved plan, it will show the calculated route. Now pressing the "back" button will go back to the saved plans. Pressing "back" again goes to the editing of the plan. Now pressing the "calculate" (play?) button shows the calculated plan. But pressing "back" now will go back to the editing. This makes sense from logic site. However, it is not intiutive and not the expected usage (pressing back twice to go to editing). Same happens when settings are opened and then "play" is pressed. Again, "back" will go to the settings. But the route editing would make more sense - to me. Fun fact: after choosing a saved plan during calculation the editing is shown. If you abort that, you are in the editing and pressing "play" now will show the route and "back" in there goes to the editing. So if you are fast enough to abort route calculation... everything is different.
  25. I agree with the harder usage: the new UI has very many zig zag navigations and you are sometimes unsure what the back button does and are suprised were it went to.

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