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  1. ABRP is getting very slow after multiple plannings and I get massiv errors in the logs (multiple per second): Quellübergreifende (Cross-Origin) Anfrage blockiert: Die Gleiche-Quelle-Regel verbietet das Lesen der externen Ressource auf https://sessions.bugsnag.com/. (Grund: CORS-Anschlag schlug fehl).
  2. Today I had many many crashes of the Android app. Mostly while rotating the phone (as it rotated whenever I picked it up), sometimes it had problems with the route at all and crashed. And once I couldn't get it started again. I had to clean up app's storage (not just the cache) to get it working again. This is nothing I would like to have when I am the driver. Luckily when this happened I wasn't.
  3. There was a fix in Leaf Spy Pro few days ago regarding ABRP server messages.
  4. Ist mir nie bewusst aufgefallen, aber stimmt. Der Grund ist vermutlich auch einfach: Die App nutzt Google Maps, die können das. Im Browser ist das ein anderer Kartendienst und der kann das nicht. Eine Option dazu gibt es auch nicht. Das müsste das ABRP-Team hinzufügen, falls es überhaupt geht. Maybe there is an option to enable road numbers within the API of the map service used in the browser?
  5. Well, how to say: If you choose anything as "avoid on route", it becomes grey in the window. Just another grey beside the default grey. So which one means "avoid"? Hard to tell if you reopen the menu. Please, can you use somewhat more understandable than just grey and another grey to toggle buttons? Something like a nice red/green indicator circle right before the text? Or those old school checkmarks anybody could understand immediately? Or just the same slider buttons as used elsewhere.
  6. Just click on the route in the map. This will open a view with the data you want.
  7. @Jason (ABRP) Same as https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/1542-editing-a-saved-plans-name-problem @Jason (ABRP)
  8. Ok. But Google & Co won't scan your release notes insite the app. But the blog should be scanned and become part of their search.
  9. Is there any reason why all those updates of new ABRP and app are no longer listed in the blog? And wouldn't be the blog a good place to list all the features of the premium version?
  10. Thanks. Good news: after changing a new in classic UI it is visible as this new name in new UI. (Due to I have to use classic to edit names)
  11. Wow, that's bad: after several logout/logins on desktop and cache clearing in the app the saved plannes are synched now but some are gone: all that were just visible on the desktop system but not within the app are gone now. Btw: classic UI always shows updates changes route names of other devices but the new UI and app don't.
  12. Now I have completely different saved planes on 2 desktops and the ABRP app. Even logout and login again doesn't sync them now.
  13. I am using the new UI now for weeks. At beginning I went back to classic many times. But after some time I found more and more of the features in the new UI style. But that's the major reason (for me) what I am missing or why I has to many problems with the new UI style: Everything is "hidden" in sub menus or sub sub menus. On the other hand there is this large are that is completely useless: the map. I thing this side bar style is a step in the wrong direction for usability on a desktop (where most people start their route planning): You have this small side bar, for eve
  14. Just those: [bugsnag] Event not sent due to onError callback bugsnag.js:1733:23 TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. Animated: `useNativeDriver` is not supported because the native animated module is missing. Falling back to JS-based animation. To resolve this, add `RCTAnimation` module to this app, or remove `useNativeDriver`. More info: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/11094#issuecomment-263240420

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