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  1. Please show estimated charge at destination in the new UI like in the classic.
  2. Wow: after last charger departure it planned a complete detour back to first (manually planned) charger (including new charger as this would be possible without charing, of course). And created again such a buggy chart. One thing I don't understand: why is the starting point changed to current position when driving started? If I change that back to the original starting point all rerouting and charts are fine, no detours, no returns to visited chargers.
  3. LeafSpy. And it wasn't a round trip - well, it was after replan. And part of the route is driven twice: highway to charger and back to highway. Today I replayed a recorded drive of last summer (Leaf Spy, one way, multiple charges) and got several crashes (always when chart was opened), replans with newly added charger and finally a complete crash of the App (critical error): NoSuchKey exception "latitude" in AirMapView:880.
  4. When continuing driving, this "funny" chart is created.
  5. After leaving a charger the app did automatic replan and created a route back to the left charger. And the route (next steps?) still shows the left charger.
  6. Pressing replan button while charging gives an error on plan server.
  7. green light

    Night mode?

    I don't know if the app does this automatically: dark color mode (aka night mode). White background isn't that nice in a dark car while driving. An option for switch (please, not automatically, manually) would be nice. Thanks.
  8. I like the new chart style during driving. Just the colors (blue for planned SOC and green for actual) are too similar. Sitting in the car you need to check it twice to see which color is for which. Classic had white and yellow which are (for me) much easier to differ during driving. Maybe you can change the green color to something more different to the blue color.
  9. Speed limit sign shows during driving "NaN" (not a number). Possibly if there is no speed limit (as we have this in Germany...)?
  10. green light

    Disable map

    In drive mode, classic ABRP allowed to disable the map view and gave this chart/table view (other thread). Can you add an option to disable map update? This would reduce mobile traffic and if one just wants the chart and/or table data it isn't required. Thanks.
  11. As I understand drive mode in the app, the "mode" button allows switching to a table and chart view above the route plan. Old ABRP (classic) had this nice display of chart and something similar to the new table view in one view. So my idea: can you add a 3rd mode "mixture" which shows both, chart and table? (yes this would hide the map, but that doesn't care for me)
  12. On a mobile device this new trip overview may be better than the old table. But on a desktop (where trip planning is much more comfortable) this "small" but long list at the left of the browser is quit "bad": is used about 1/4 of the screen width, rest is the map. Even with 2 stops you have to scroll down this trip plan. As an overview of planned charging stopps and spend time this is, well, not an overview. The old "classic" table shows everything at first glance where the new "long table" needs scrolling, scrolling and scrolling but still gives no overview - IMHO.
  13. I am not able to delete my car. If I press the trash button, a "are you sure" dialog openes but then car is still there. On the other hand, if I have car details (this settings button that openes the live data view) open, I can click the car and select another car - but finally this selection is not taken. This is all very confusing. How can I change my EV if I have a new one? And how to get the data URL?
  14. I changed browser locale to english. This shows english ABRP menus. But add car is still missing.
  15. Maybe because of language? I have German texts. I see the same as you but just without the "add".

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