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  1. You do not even need to save a trip. The last edited trip is stored temporarily and shared across your devices with you login.
  2. Description: Routing map is showing a charge but list does not - but shows wrong distances Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=412c3720-3ba9-484e-8510-1556833399bd This is just a route with 50% charge at start, so distance might not be possible w/o a charge. However, first charge is (possibly) shows as destination. If I play around with the start charge (50% in this example) to 45%, charger is shown. 55% does not need a charger and route is fine. At 52% this strange route appears. At 46% and less charger is listed.
  3. Well, if possible, also the opposide option: avoid free chargers. That's because those 20% of our german free chargers are ofter blocked by fossil cars, hybrids or long charging people. All bad if you are on a long term route.
  4. Thanks. Indeed, I might have to take this route: the nearby charger is a plan b fall back if first charger is not working. I wanted to check the distance and have ABRP already configured.
  5. Description: Routing does not take the shorted way to a charger/waypoint but routes to an additional charger 25km away and back. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=c38ffc7a-8b7f-4ab6-99cf-c0b61a263ad4 Replication Steps: So in this plan, the charger at "Kaufland" is selected and after that "Pforzheim Nord". The shorted way would take at the marked crossing in the picture the direct way north. But routing decides to go south, take the Allego charger and then route the same way back to Pforzheim Nord charger. This happens only if the final destination is far away. If it is "too close", routing is correct.
  6. Description: Some chargers are not used due to "This charger has limited function and is not used in automatic planning." It might be helpfull to have another icon (or color). Use Case: If you want to choose manually another charger you could see directly that one is not usable without clicking it. Thanks.
  7. green light

    Planner error

    When using Outside temperature "car" and settings Units to "metric" and then start plan route, it gives a "planner error" and "no route found". When changing the untis to "imperial" (an again clean the outside temperature field to use "car") and then start planning, it is working. Going back to "metric" (include cleaning outside temperature field) gives planner error again.
  8. When data is sent with Leaf Spy to abetterrouteplanner it is sent in celsius and the Tunits field says it is celsius. However, the backend of ABRP takes this as fahrenheit, calculates it back to celsius for the web page. That means eg. 8°C send is shown as -13°C in the live data view. If I configure Leaf Spy to send fahrenheit all looks fine.
  9. Hi, while specifing a return back route and checking the detailed graph on the highway it is always showing just the graph of the first direction. See that attached screen shots, on is after clicking the right lane, 2nd of the left lane of the highway. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=42ab586e-bf6d-4c5f-80bd-58e3a19e7bed

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