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    No it hasn't reoccurred. I'll keep my eye on it
  2. alan stone


    Katya, on the phone the app reported incorrect soc. When I plugged the phone in and started abrp the correct soc was shown. This may be ovms not sending the data until I plugged in and may not be abrp. Im trying to figure out ovms which is all made up by volunteers and abrp beta, sometimes it works perfectly, other time I can't figure it out. The next charger symbol hasn't shown up on a recent 400 mile trip where I rapid charged 5 times. This is the first time I've seen it. Now I know what it means it's a good thing, but as it was grey and had a question mark it didn't give much
  3. alan stone


    Hi, I can't find any help on this. I have an mg zs ev with OVMS giving live feedback to abrp. I am paying for premium abrp as well. I set a route today for a journey I'm making in a couple of weeks. The state of charge of the car is 74% but abrp for some reason in the plan said it was 89% despite the icon on the map showing correct soc. I was going to the shop so thought I would see what happened when I got in the car. The percentage showed correct and still ok for the planned stop but I had an icon on the Android auto screen that I didn't know what it meant. I cannot find a guide th
  4. Been toying with ABRP for a while but could always work it out better in my head. However, I have just purchased OVMS for MGZSEV. I have also subscribed to premium on ABRP. It seems to be working really well with the live data from the car. My question, and I have searched, is does ABRP change the plan as situations change? Say you are going to a charger and someone takes it 10minutes before your arrival will ABRP change to another charger? Or what if you are doing better it worse than expected will it amend the original plan?
  5. I do, a Mi10T pro. I did a 400 mile trip over the last 2 days using ABRP linked to OVMS. Had similar problems with locking. If the phone locked the AA screen locked. I also noticed that by having AA and the phone screen running the 2 x displays were different with slightly different info relating to SOC, times and miles remianig etc. Does the phone make a difference?
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