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  1. Oh thats too sad. Problem with EvNotify is that all iOS Users will need to have a second cellphone just to keep evnotify and abrp running - thats because iOS will send EvNotify (or ABRP) to sleep as soon as its in the background. So unless abrp gets obd via bt integration a lot of us will be very sad 🙂
  2. I would love to be able to operate abrp with just the carplay display. So planing a route, updating soc in case there is no live data etc. all that should be possible just using carplay. I usually store my cell phone while driving - I do not like to have some kind of additional holder - it always feels clutched...
  3. Pretty please - add this for premium users. I do not like the idea of tronity storing my movements and everything. Furthermore I do not like the idea to have a second subscription just to feed my soc into abrp. Just be kind to the bluelink/uvo2 api as it does not like to be asked more than 200 times a day. So probably just when planing a navigation ans then like all 10 minutes while driving 😉 Other sources to see how it could be done are openWB and EVCC which are open source and offer SOC modules to integrate this kind of „soc polling from car companies servers“. Probably
  4. Right now it seems like the „CarPlay“ display is considered more of a second screen. I would love to have it as main screen so I can store my cell phone out of sight and still plan a route, adjust the current soc (in case no life data is available) etc.
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