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  1. can you link to the actual thread instead of the attachments? these files are just from robinostlund's repository it appears. https://github.com/robinostlund/homeassistant-volkswagencarnet
  2. Man in the middle attack against the tibber app to see where/how they get the data. then i modified the method from the homeassistant integration code for the battery level to point to the new api. The address needs to be towards https://msg.volkswagen.de instead of https://www.volkswagen-car-net.com/. the basis for everything else is just robinostlund' repository.
  3. I have not tried OBDeleven. I do not know about server logging. What I can gather from reading is OBDeleven needs to be connected to the internet to work because it uploads data to Voltas during operation. This is one of the biggest sticking points currently with that solution...what data are they always collecting that you have no control over, how are they managing that data, and finally the entire obdeleven solution will stop at the mercy of Voltas. Unlike other obd2 scanner/apps, at least you can control more of this. Perhaps I can inquire more directly to the obdeleven community. In the meantime, I do wonder what frequency the car uploads its data to carnet. I do think it should be possible to get battery % every 5 min or so, which would be useful still.
  4. First off, I have not used any OBD2 readers on my egolf. However, as Torque and LeafSpy work for other cars, I do not know if they support volkswagen. To date I have mostly heard of OBDEleven (https://obdeleven.com/en/). More discussions here: https://www.speakev.com/threads/obdeleven-for-e-golf.99649/. Its not clear to me if Torque will be able to decipher OBD2 information from VW...seems like it could if we knew what message to ask and look for.
  5. It is possible to get battery percentage from Carnet. Although not documented from what I can tell. Tibber in Norway has an integration which displays battery % from the car in 1% increments (normal carnet app only gives 1-10 bars). I have implemented the method into my home assistant, so now I am logging battery percentage one time per hour. Essentially it is a call to an api with an authentication and you get back a bunch of data about the car, parsing that data you will find battery % as well as several other items. OBDEleven is also another possibility. I have not worked with it, but from reading it should give battery % locally via the OBD port (no carnet needed). Could arguable be better as you are limited in the API calls to carnet before it gives issues. I find pretty good agreement with a few trips made here in the 2018 e-golf, but would always love better models.

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