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  1. Hi @Katya-ABRP, yes, my first message about it came from the website, the second came from my phone, but also in that case the connection attempt with tronity.io is made outside the ABRP app and in Chrome. I’ll contact them as well.
  2. Hi @Katya-ABRP, I did exactly what you described (linking my Fiat 500e to Tronity.io). The error message occurred after successful login in to Tronity.io and clicking on ‘Allow’.
  3. Hi @Katya-ABRP, I noticed that I can connect Tronity with ABRP, but when trying to couple both, after logging in to Tronity, I received an unspecified error. Can you tell me what I have to do? Is it a Tronity or ABRP problem?
  4. Yes, I contacted them and via the app of my car they could retrieve parameters to support the Fiat 500e trips and charging sessions in Tronity. However, to my understanding real time data is not (yet?) available, as they only (can) capture the data when you start and stop driving/ charging, not on the go.
  5. Hi Katya, Yes, I noticed that this Fiat is already available in alpha mode, but maybe my data could be of any usage as well. Serve it as you wish. Concerning EVNotify my goal is to link in real-time ABRP with the car via EVNotify, but that will not be possible then? Is there another app that can do the same? Maybe Torque? I noticed that OVMS has already an empty page on its docs-website but it is still empty. So should I install an OVMS box to connect real-time data with ABRP? What is actually the relation between OVMS and ABRP? Regards, Dominiek
  6. More detailed car info here: EV-database.nl Driving Model: Option 1 - Analytical - Provide the mathematical parameters to define the car model (See this blog post for details). --> Not possible as I do not posses the required parameter data. Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack. --> Not possible as the car's indication is limited to just an average consumption, nothing real time. Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Provide method of receiving telemetry directly from the car via OBD, API, or other means. --> I ordered a Bluetooth OBD dongle to use with EVNotify and will do the measurements as soon as it arrives. Charging Model: Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge % --> I made a manual real-time measurement between SoC 9% and 87% at a Porsche DC charger in Brussels. I received an error message at 25% and 87% SoC. I retried and continued at 26% but did not continue at 87% as the ambient temperature was only 10 °C or even lower already. The graph images below are as well included in the MS Excel file for better readability. The 3th graph shows how long you have to wait for +1% SoC increase. It's quite clear that the DC-fun is out at 85% SoC 🙂 Before charging, the car was driven for about 150 km on the motorway to lower the SoC from 72% to a value as low as possible. At 11% SoC the indicator became orange and the car asks to find a charging station. Also another message is shown after, indicating that the battery will be heated up to prepare charging, but I am unaware of the existence of a battery pre-heating system on the Fiat 500e. Fiat 500e charging data+graphs.xlsx
  7. Where are you from? Hello, I am from Brussels, Belgium, and since 1 month... What car do you drive? ...I drive a Fiat 500 electric 42 kWh La Prima (one of the first 500 for Belgium) and... What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? ...until now I drove 500 km in total with the longest trip 175 km immediately after picking up the car at the garage 🙂
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