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  1. It would be nice to get a comment of the administrator-team on the problem described in the video posted above by Polestar Driver. (ABRP not able to plan route) Is there any hope on a bug fix in the near future? I have posted the same problem under "support" and "bugs" and never got a response from the administrators (ABRP freezes in Polestar 2)
  2. Since update to Version 4.0.46 the problem is back again.
  3. Bei "Meine Fahrten" werden die Fahrten korrekt aufgezeichnet, aber AC-Ladevorgänge an meiner 11/22-kW-Wallbox werden nicht protokolliert ("Keine Ladungen"). Ist das so gewollt oder ein Bug? Oder erfolgt die Aufzeichnung nur, wenn das Fahrzeug nicht verschlossen ist (keine Aufzeichnung im "Sleep Modus")? Mein Fahrzeug ist ein Polestar 2 (Polestar AVD 2021).
  4. Since Update to Version 4.0.45 and clearing the cache (Apps --> ABRP --> storage & cache --> clear cache) ABRP runs without problems on my PS2 🙂
  5. Since Update to Version 4.0.45 and clearing the cache (see first picture above --> storage & cache --> clear cache) ABRP runs without problems on my PS2 🙂
  6. Is there any solution or work around for the following problem? https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/3098-abrp-freezing-when-planning-more-than-one-trip-in-polestar-2/
  7. Description: After a ABRP-planned trip in my Polestar 2 (e.g. home-->work) I cannot plan a second trip (e.g. work-->home) without making a forced shutdown of the app before (see picture_1). When I try to plan a second trip without a forced shutdown before, ABRP needs 15 Minutes or more to plan the route ( e.g. picture_2 and picture_3). The routes are very simple and are found in seconds, when I made a forced shutdown before. When I start to drive while ABRP ist still busy, my position on the map ist tracked correctly, but SoC, actual position text ("Schulstaße" in picture_2) and altitude are frozen. Type: Version 4.0.42 on Android Automotive OS in Polestar PS2 Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Enter the car after the first trip planned with ABRP Clicking ABRP if it is not yet on the screen Clear the input fields for for start/target Enter new start/target Press the "Find Route" button The "Busy-Circle" is circling endless ....
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