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  1. Is there any solution or work around for the following problem? https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/3098-abrp-freezing-when-planning-more-than-one-trip-in-polestar-2/
  2. Description: After a ABRP-planned trip in my Polestar 2 (e.g. home-->work) I cannot plan a second trip (e.g. work-->home) without making a forced shutdown of the app before (see picture_1). When I try to plan a second trip without a forced shutdown before, ABRP needs 15 Minutes or more to plan the route ( e.g. picture_2 and picture_3). The routes are very simple and are found in seconds, when I made a forced shutdown before. When I start to drive while ABRP ist still busy, my position on the map ist tracked correctly, but SoC, actual position text ("Schulstaße" in picture_2) and altitu
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