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  1. Hello, I frequently do a trip, where navigation apps frequently advise me to take a much longer route (via Highway) that is supposed to be a few minutes quicker than taking the shorter route on smaller roads. In this case the difference is 37km in 50 minutes (17% battery usage) using a waypoint vs 63km in 41 minutes (34% battery usage), same start and destination. ABRP does not offer any alternative routes, the shorter route can only be planned using a waypoint. Can share trip plans / start+dest coords via PM if needed. When I use http://map.project-osrm.org/, it does point me to the shorter, more efficient route for my particular set of start and destination, and I could not reproduce the longer route with any amount of "jiggling" start and destination points. Edit to add: When planning this trip on openstreetmap.org, neither Car (GraphHopper) nor Car (OSRM) produce the long trip that ABRP does. Is there any way to tell ABRP to favor more efficient routes over faster routes?
  2. Bump - still looking for this feature
  3. Description: Find and plan trip to nearest destination charger from the actual destination Use Case: I would love for ABRP to offer me destination chargers near my waypoints and destinations. I do trips to customers and plan them as round trips in ABRP. Most of the time I'm there for a few hours and would want to charge my car while at the job, so I would love to get an option to include that in my trip plan, very similar to the "POI near the waypoint" feature.
  4. Description: Several charging stations in the same wrong location Type: In App and on Desktop Link to Plan: N/A Replication Steps: View charging stations near "Grüner Kuhweg", Cologne, Germany. Several fast chargers are marked in a field behind some rail tracks. The adress for the charging station seems correct, but the pin on the map shows up in said field and is used for routing. Example charging points that are in that location: Charging Station Stadtwerke Iserlohn GmbH [innogy], An der Silberkuhle 2, Schwerte, DE Münster, Bohlweg - AC [Westfalen AG], Bohlweg 70-72, Münster, De Schwimmweg, Dortmund [chargecloud], Schwimmweg 2b, Dortmund, DE
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