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  1. Hello, I’ve owned a 2017 Chevy bolt for 4 years and this is my first long distance drive. I thought I’d throw my plan out there for feedback from far more experienced long distance drivers than me. Going from Saratoga, CA to Sammamish, WA (863 miles/1388km) in two approximately 10 hour hops. Leaving end of March. Saratoga to Grants Pass 9hr 51m, 4 stops. Choosing Grants Pass because it is about 1/2 way but also there are 7 chargers in Grants Pass should any particular charger be unavailable, there are backup chargers nearby. Stay overnight in Grants Pass at any of 3 hotels that have J1772 chargers. Very nearby is a Fred Meyers and a Walmart both with Fast chargers. Leaving GP with 100% charge From Grants Pass to Sammamish, WA 9hr 57m Arriving with 20% SoC Cautions: Making sure not to go if there is snow over the passes as I don't have snow tires. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? I’ve not stayed overnight at a hotel with my car charging and am wondering as to the protocol. I am guessing that I can’t reserve a room AND a charging spot. So, any recommendations on how to most effectively choose a hotel where you can successfully charge? Maybe best not to have a reservation and just scope it out when I arrive? Other feedback welcome. Thanks
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