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  1. I'm currently researching whether or not I should buy an EV. I'm currently considering the Hyundai Kona Electric. A Better Route Planner was extremely helpful in looking into the implications of long distance travel. I checked the route from Louisville, Kentucky to Dallas, Texas. Waiting for charges would extend a traditionally 12.5 hour trip to 17.5 hours--a trip longer by 40%, or 5 hours. At 30mpg and $2 per gallon, this trip would cost $55.73 with a gas vehicle. This all begs the question: how much is your time (5 hours of waiting) really worth? If you ignore charging costs, waiting 5 hours to save $55.73 would "earn" you just $11.15 per hour (decent pay for just twiddling your thumbs, but still not great). But the real kicker is this: these electric charges are not free. Every stop along the way is at Electrify America, who charges $1 per session and 35¢ per minute. That would total to $80.10 for a very long electric road trip, versus a much quicker gas trip totaling $55.73. Were my assumptions preposterous, or is this the reality of long-distance travel in a Hyundai Kona Electric?

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