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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply Katya . Appreciated. Yes, I would l really like the feature also to manually switch on night mode during day time as this is much more convenient in the dark interior of the Polestar. The map is quite light (large screen) and might distract. The dark mode also has a better "visibility" as the color difference is much better. In the different Polestar blogs that I follow, a lot of drivers/polestar owners express the same wish for the standard google maps which also does not have this feature (only automatically follow time/daylight). If you include t
  2. In the previous version of the in car Polestar ABRP app it was possible to manually switch the map to night mode, also in day time. I cannot find this setting for the map itself anymore. Has it disappeared in the latest update? Would be a pity.
  3. After the latest update I cannot manually switch on the night mode of the map. I think the night mode is nicer in a dark car and doesn't distract so much. Am I right that this feature disappeared?
  4. Any news? We really need this in our polestars and Volvo's as Google maps is rubbish for EV drivers. Would be fantastic to have ABRP on a full screen 🙂
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