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  1. With the "Torque select what to log " info and in the previous post I made a mistake and used old screen shot that were not working properly the following are the right one. And the speed isn't working. Most of the time I see 22 KM/h followed by 44 Km/h and then 53 and 88 km/h and I see those values whatever the speed I'm driving...web logging interval, I used every second 5 sec, 10 sec and now I'm at 2 sec. Speed wasn't better when testing those setting.
  2. Using Torque Pro and Real speed and GPS speed are working properly. The speed shown on the display below the Wh/km is never the same as my real speed and doesn't seems to be a mean of my actual speed... I tied to log from Torque to ABRP both the GPS speed and the real speed one after the other and it doesn't seem to do any difference. Am I missing the meaning of this speed display
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