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  1. That would really be a good Option, Google initial routing and ABRP adds the charging Stopps. I do it Like this, but manually with Waze.
  2. I have the same issue, i changed the consumtion to 144wh/km (from 159wh/km) on my Ioniq. Katya explained it to me as follows. ABRP lerns with the km you drive. In my case when i drive slow or medium the SOC forecast data are better then if i drive highway (fast), there ABRP is still missing drives. So i need to drive more highway to get the data for ABRP. The avarage consumtion of my car since march +- 4000km is acc. car around 13.2kw/100km
  3. Hi guys, does amybody knows what the green dot Stands for, it changes color to orange or red sometimes.. thanks
  4. I did exactly like this and it worked. Today i wanted to Drive over the pass, so i set a guide point on the Flüela. I use them frequently.
  5. I'm also courious in this, i did charge today in Chur to 94% to drive to Sedrun Ioniq 28Kwh, ABRP forecasted 40% left, corrected it during the drive to 39%, i arrived with 58% left, The drive is elevetion difference of +900m . Second one from Maienfeld to Oberurnen, charged to 51%, ABRP forecast 16% left, i arrvied with 35% left. I assume i make something wrong but would like to understand what. Thanks
  6. I would also bee keen to get a answer to this question..
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