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  1. I've started running this on my autopi for my Kona and I'm noticing my logs are flooded with "sleep cleared/added" when the car is off, every 5 seconds, that never stop. Am I missing some configuration there for sleep so that the dongle sleeps when the car is off? EDIT: Nevermind, it looks like https://github.com/iternio/autopi-link/commit/d74e90494ddf528e19ae0747cf097ddf6223e14d#diff-6e753c4b645094870c59ea4493d2c25763b885877c907e1694bb3484b9f842c7 removed sleep when power is under 0.1kw.
  2. I've seen the same issue in my Kona, where the default model is always at least 10% wrong (as in, it plans for me to be at 10% and I end up there with at least 20%). When I aded live data with the premium features, it put my calibrated reference consumption at 4.11 (which is probably too optimistic as well 🙂 ) instead of the default 3.35.
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