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  1. For LEAF - there is some dependecy on Changing power with the Temp. Is there any adjustment for the Templ that ABRP is receiving from Real Time data ?
  2. Ok, I will send the settings - I don't see any popop.
  3. Hello, I've the same issue, no data life displayed. Connected and old Android phone with BT and Wifi connected to Access Point enabled on iPhone as relay for Internet access. abetterrouteplanner web site is displayed on Android Tablet and Wifi connected to Access Point enabled on iPhone. I'm using Leaf Spy Pro and it was running before ID Changed. Android phone, are configured with LeafSpy Setup on my my account on Abetterrouteplanner. Note - ID Change each time that I display LeafSpy Setup. When I view Live Data I've -> Age 4414412
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